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Singer Liberty Rainbow Cushion by Mandy Murray

Today we have a very exciting guest blogger!  Mandy Murray is here to share her tutorial for making a Liberty Rainbow Cushion.

Mandy Murray Profile Pic Mandy Murray aims to inspire the younger generation to sew with fun and quirky designs! Working for Blessington, which is a major distributor of sewing machines and accessories, including notable brands Singer, Husqvarna Viking, PFAFF, Handi Quilter and AccuQuilt. She fulfils a career creating unique and innovative projects to share with and inspire others to sew! Mandy created this super cute Liberty Rainbow Cushion on a Singer sewing machine. From home décor and clothing construction, to embroidery and quilting, Singer is dedicated to helping people express their creativity!

Singer Liberty Rainbow Cushion

o 40cm | 16” white cotton fabric
o (7) rainbow fat eighths (I used a variety of liberty prints)
o (7) rainbow embroidery threads
o White construction thread
o 40cm | 16” fusible web
o Stuffing
o Tear away

Cutting Instructions
From the white cotton fabric
o Cut (2) front & back pattern pieces
o Cut (1) 3 ½” x 43”

Pattern Pieces

Download your pattern pieces here -> A3 Singer Liberty Rainbow Cushion Pattern Pieces

OR -> A4 & letter Singer Liberty Cushion Pattern Pieces


1. The technique used to construct the rainbow is basic fusible appliqué. Trace the appliqué pieces onto the paper side of the fusible web.

2. Cut around the outside of the shapes approximately ¼” from the line.

3. Iron these shapes onto the wrong side of the rainbow fabrics (refer to diagram 1).

Diagram 1 Singer Liberty Cushion

4. Cut each shape out along the line.

5. Lay (1) front pattern piece onto an ironing board (right side facing up). Remove the paper backing from each of the appliqué pieces and position on top of the front pattern piece (refer to diagram 2).

Diagram 2 Singer Liberty Cushion

6. Place a piece of tear away behind the rainbow.

7. Thread your machine with co-ordinating thread and select different decorative stitches. Sew down the middle where each colour of the rainbow joins (refer to diagram 3 & 4). Satin style decorative stitches work best for covering the raw edges!


Diagram 3 Singer Liberty Cushion

Diagram 4 Singer Liberty Cushion

Singer Decorative Stitches

Note: There is no need to stitch around the outer red section of the rainbow as this will be in the seam allowance once sewn together!

8.Gently remove the tear away from the back and trim threads (refer to diagram 5).

Diagram 5 Singer Liberty Cushion

9. Mark the centre base of the rainbow and pin the rectangle at this point (right sides together).
Note: Leave a half inch seam allowance to join the short ends later.

10. Start sewing using a 2mm triple stitch with a 3/8” seam allowance.
Note: Stop approximately 3/8” from the corners (ensure your needle is down) and cut a slit in the rectangle. Pivot to continue sewing around the rainbow (refer to diagram 6).

Diagram 6 Singer Liberty Cushion

11. Once you have sewn back to the centre point, match the short ends of the rectangle and sew together creating a complete tube. Press the seam open.

12. Mark the centre base of the back pattern piece and match up with the seam of the rectangle. Pin and begin sewing as per step 9, however leave a 3” gap in the base.

13. Clip the curves and turn the right way out through the hole you left at the bottom.

14. Stuff your rainbow cushion firmly and then hand sew the hole closed.

Singer Liberty Rainbow Cushion
Congratulations on finishing your Liberty Rainbow Cushion!

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