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How to sew the Brook Blossom Skirt with a subtle high-low hem

Subtle High Low Hem Pattern Hack for the Brook Blossom Skirt

Want yet another hemline for the Brook Blossom Skirt for you and your girls? Anya, who blogs
over at Anna Zoe and was one of my wonderful pattern testers, came up with this beautiful pattern hack—the Subtle High-Low Hem. She explains here how she made the change. I’m going to explain another way to do it.

Anya’s method is best for quick one-offs. If you want to make multiple skirts, whether for selling
in your shop or because you love your first one so much you have to make one in every color,
go ahead and adjust the pattern.

Here’s how:

Subtle High Low Skirt Tutorial image 1


First, line up your high-low skirt front and back pattern pieces, overlapping them at the side
seam by 5/8” (1.5cm) so that they line up on the seam line itself.
Subtle High Low Skirt Tutorial image 2

Mark the center front length (knee-length) on the side seam and center back. This will give you
a guide to know how long to make your new hem. Go ahead and mark the knee-length hem all
the way around. (You could trace your knee-length pattern if you have it already printed.) This
makes it easier to see the change.
Subtle High Low Skirt Tutorial image 3

Mark the new back length. Draw a smooth curve for your new hemline. Be sure to keep the line
at a right angle to the center front and center back for 1/4” (6mm) before curving; this will
prevent sharp points when you cut out your fabric.
Subtle High Low Skirt Tutorial image 4

Depending on the curve you chose—the more dramatic a curve, the more necessary—you may
need to square the side seam’s seam allowance. It’s easy! Just make the seam allowance go
straight out from the seam line, rather than following the curve of the skirt. This will make sure
the seam allowances match up when you go to sew them together.
There you have it! You’ve finished hacking your pattern! Simply sew up your skirt as directed in
the pattern.
While I love the boldness and drama of the Brook Blossom Skirt’s original high-low hem, I also
love the softness and classiness of the subtle high-low. Thanks, Anya, for making your beautiful
skirt and inspiring this tutorial.

Subtle High Low Skirt 3

Brook Blossom Girl Skirt Stand Alone Cover   Brook Blossom Skirt Stand Alone Cover You can purchase Jill’s pattern for the Girls Brook Blossom Skirt as a single PDF HERE or for the Brook Blossom Skirt (ladies sizes) HERE or visit her website to see more of her work HERE or purchase Issue 12 which contains this pattern HERE.

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