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Roundup of my favourite photography posts

My 7 favourite photography blog posts

There is so much fabulous information on the web about photography.  But sometimes it can be confusing to know where to start.  Especially when you’re after information that will be genuinely useful for improving photos of your handmade items.  This post is a roundup of my 7 favourite photography posts, for those looking to photograph their sewn items …

Later is the scheduling tool I use for Instagram.  They have a super helpful blog and I have learned so so so much from reading it.  Here’s a link to an awesome recent post on “How to take a good instagram photo with your phone”-> HERE

I love Melissa’s blog Frugal and Thriving.  Her blog is a treasure trove of frugal tips rather than a craft blog, but craft posts sometimes come up in the mix.  This post on “How to make every photo amazing {for free} with Pic Monkey” is one of my favourites on the topic.  I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve linked people to it! You can read it -> HERE

Suzanne from Winter Wear Designs has done so many brilliant blog posts on photography for Pattern Revolution.  I learned a heap about photographing myself from this post on “How to shoot yourself” (HERE) and this one on “Confidence in front of the camera” (HERE) during their Beautiful campaign.  I still find myself reading these posts when I have sewn something for myself and I want a nice photo of me wearing it!

If you’re wanting tips on photography for testing you absolutely need to check out these other posts Suzanne did for Pattern Revolution.  “Photography for testers: Part 1” (HERE), “Photography for testers: Part 2” (HERE) and “Photography for testers: Part 3” (HERE)

And for bonus photography blog posts… check out our Photo Fortnight blog series it starts -> here

Photo Fortnight - let's start at the beginning

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