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*PRE-ORDER* One Thimble Issue 19

Available 4th till 9th May


The Pre-order for Issue 19 has now closed!

Issue 19 will be available to purchased on Friday 11th May from HERE with an early bird bonus.

Already know you NEED One Thimble Issue 19?

Want to get your copy the evening before general release PLUS bonuses?

Then Pre-Order your copy of One Thimble Issue 19!

You will get access to your digital copy of One Thimble Issue 19 on the evening before general release (10th May) PLUS two bonuses!

Out of stock

Your purchase of a pre-order copy of One Thimble Digital Sewing Magazine will get you:

1. Access to your copy of OT19 on the evening of 10th May. You will receive an auto-sent email with a download link once OT19 is available.

2. The “Pre-order Bonus” PDF pattern. This Kangaroo Crossing Cushion pattern has been designed exclusively for OT19 subscribers and pre-order purchasers by Piccolo Studio.

3. The “Early Bird Bonus” that those who purchase OT19 between 11th and 13th May will receive. Details of the Early-Bird Bonus will be announced next week!

**Please note you won’t receive a download link at the time of purchase – it will be emailed through on 10th May.

One Thimble Issue 19 will contain 10 PDF patterns and 28 articles/tutes

1. You are purchasing a Pre-Order copy of One Thimble Issue 19. Access to your downloads will be given 10th May. Pre-orders are only available 4th till 9th May 2018.
2. This e-zine is in PDF format and the pages are A4 sized. It is advisable to ONLY print the pattern pages and to read the e-zine on your computer or mobile device. The pattern pages can be printed on letter or A4 sized paper with scaling set to none. The PDF looks best if you can select the option to see two pages side by side like a magazine spread. ibooks won’t allow you to view it as a two page spread but the free app Sidereader makes it look like a flipbook right away. Google Playbooks is a good app option for android devices.
3. On the 10th May, you will receive an (INSTANT AUTO SENT) email to your One Thimble account email address which will contain 4 links. The first link has the e-zine (with the articles, patterns and all the usual parts). The second link has a ZIP file to download the stand alone patterns separately. The third link has the Pre-Order bonus pattern. The fourth link is to the Early Bird Bonus. You can also access your ezine by “logging in” to your account (you will be prompted to set up an account during checkout).
It is important to note that the e-zine is 90MB and the ZIP file is 70MB. Please check that you will be able to download this sized file to the device you wish to view it on, prior to purchase.
It will usually take several minutes to download (maybe even up to 15minutes on a mobile device or tablet). Often people run into problems if they don’t realise it is downloading and keep clicking to download forcing their device to attempt to download it several times.
3. If you have computer issues and have any issues getting your link or downloading your e-zine please let me know
4. If you have any questions about the PDF, patterns or articles you can ask in the Facebook group at , or via email at
5. These PDF patterns come with a cottage license. What that means is that if you sew from home to sell at markets or online via Facebook, etsy, madeit etc. you can definitely sell items made from these patterns without needing to purchase a separate license. You can not get people to sew items made from these patterns for you to on-sell. Where appropriate please credit the pattern with a statement like “made with a Serger Pepper Pattern” or similar.
Please note the patterns themselves, the photographs & the content of the e-zine IS covered by copyright and may not be shared. It is for your personal use only. Each person who wishes to use these patterns should purchase their own copy.
If you are unclear on this please ask at
6. Every effort has been made to ensure that the included patterns, tutorials and articles are accurate, however One Thimble accepts no responsibility or liability for any errors, omissions, loss or damages or other consequences arising from the included information, patterns & tutorials. The views and comments expressed by contributors are not necessarily that of the editor. You should consult experts for advice specific to your circumstances before relying on any of the included information.
7. Prices are displayed on the website in Australian Dollars exclusive of GST and VAT. Taxes will be calculated and displayed at checkout after you’ve entered your address. Your paypal invoice will be in Australian dollars. The rate of conversion from other currencies to Australian dollars will be shown at the bottom of your paypal invoice.