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“Pimped”Firefly – Owl & I

If you enjoyed hearing about Tina from Damsels and Dragons “pimped”Firefly then stay tuned because Steph from Owl & I is going to step us through creating a Zip Back and Pleats on your Firefly.  If you missed the first of our “Pimped”Firefly Blog Posts you can find it HERE.One of the very cool things about this “Pimped”Firefly that Steph made is that she used BOO!Designs fabrics to make it! How cool is that!

So lets hand things over to Steph:To create a zip back and pleats:

– Measure the longest edge of your front and back bodice. Add them together and times by two and that is the minimum length required for pleats.
– The width I used for pleats is 3″
– I used a Ultimate Ruffler foot at a scale of 6, depth of 8 and stitch length 2.5 to create a ruffle factor of 2
– Tuck the raw ends in on each end and sew closed
– Attach as per ruffle instructions in Firefly pattern

– From the centre back line on the back bodice, measure 3/4″ (1.9cm) for zip allowance. Mark a line and cut this as your new centre back.
– Before doing mitred binding measure 0.5″ from the top and mark this as zip stop placement.
– Align the top of your zip stop to this mark and mark on the skirt where the bottom zip stop is.
– Sew a 3/4″ seam from the edge finishing at the bottom mark position and turn the fabric to create an L shape (as per Boo! Zip IT page 23-28 instructions). Repeat on other side.
– Place the back edges together with right sides facing and sew skirt together with a 1/2″ seam starting from the bottom of the seam allowance to the hem.
– Starting at around 2.2cm above the bottom edge of zip allowance, make a 45 degree cut in to the corner and fold down.
– Press open the skirt seam allowance on the wrong side.
– Press open the zip seam allowance on the right side using the stitch line as a guide for the fold.
– Position the zip and sew down ensuring the that ends of the zip has been folded under.
– Trim off the excess zip allowance and I also cut the top corner of the zip (about 5mm down and 1.5cm across) so that the back won’t be too bulky when I sew on the mitred binding
– Sew on the mitred binding

Next time we’ll have Kerry from Sutures & Sandpaper talking us through her version of the Firefly.
If you haven’t already be sure to pick up your copy of the Firefly dress
* as a Single PDF HERE
* or as part of Issue 4 HERE
and check out more BOO! Designs patterns or buy some of this awesome fabric HERE
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