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“Pimped”Firefly -Horris & Deedle

This is the final of our “Pimped”Firefly series, we’re wrapping things up with Marnie from Horris & Deedle’s version of the firefly.  You can visit the previous posts in this series here, here & here 

Picture Picture

Now it’s over to Marnie to find out how she did it!

I kept the pimping really simple.

1. Replaced ruffles with piping. The piping needs to be sewn all the way down to the bottom of the bodice, not like the ruffles which end a little above the bodice.

2. I added a square shaped shoulder ruffle which I sewed on the main piece before I joined the bodice and the lining together. It is basically just a long rectangle, folded in half with the short ends and one long side sewn together, leaving an opening for turning. The non sewn side was then gathered to the desired size before I sewed it onto the bodice.

3. I wanted the bodice to be a little more firm fitting than the previous dress I made, so I took it in at the side seams on both the outside and lining pieces to make it a firmer fit.

4. I added a ruffled border to the bottom of the dress, and whilst I wish I had some sort of formula for calculating the exact length you need, I don’t because I just made it up as I went along. I used a ruffler foot to make neat pleats for the border.

And that is it.

To see more about the other Firefly dresses Marnie has made please visit her blog and check out her review of the Firefly dress here.

Picture If you haven’t already be sure to pick up your copy of the Firefly dress
* as a Single PDF HERE 
* or as part of Issue 4 HERE
and check out more BOO! Designs patterns  HERE 
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