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Pattern Directory One Thimble Issue 1-16

Do you love OT but struggle to remember which issue had which pattern? Does the idea of neatly organised PDF’s make you smile?  Do you need to click through a zillion folders to remember where you saved the PDF you *need* for a birthday outfit?  If you’ve answered YES to these questions then you’re going to love this reminder of one of our most popular blog posts … updated!

Find your PDF sewing patterns easily

{An easy way to organise and find your PDF patterns}

In 2015 Nerissa from Spreadsheet Geek set up a PDF Pattern Directory for us.  You can search the pattern directory for patterns via designer, pattern type, size range and even fabric type.  You can even add hyperlinks to it, which will take you to where you’ve saved the issues/single PDF’s on your computer!  Links to the original blog posts at the bottom.

I’ve just updated the Pattern Directory, so now you can download it pre-filled with all the patterns from Issue 1-16 AND rearrange the directory via OT issue!  It’s a great way to quickly find what pattern was in what issue.

Download your free copy HERE -> One-Thimble-Pattern-Directory-Issue-1-to-16

You can download a blank copy from the blog -> HERE and add your own patterns.
This blog post talks you through customising it -> HERE
This blog post shows you how to hyperlink the directory to where your patterns are saved on your own computer -> HERE

I hope you find this useful xxxJen

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