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Nappy/Diaper Cover – Blossom Skirt Pattern Hack

Today’s guest post is by Rebekah from Penny Petite.  She tested the Blossom Skirt by Eliana and Thea from Issue 6 and then decided to tweak it to make it suitable for her crawling bubba.  I was so pleased when she agreed to share this pattern hack with us!

Penny Petite Blossom Skirt Nappy Cover Pattern Hack

I was so excited when the amazing Victoria from Eliana & Thea asked me to test out her Blossom Skirt Pattern. From the very first one I made, I fell in love. However, I knew this style wasn’t going to be suitable for my crawling munchkin – forever on the move and wriggling around, so too would be a skirt on her hips.

BUT, such a beautiful style, there had to be a way! So with a simple few tweaks, I decided to make the skirt into a nappy cover so it would actually stay in place when Miss Penny wandered on her four-legged adventures.

Here’s how:

1.       Firstly, construct your nappy cover. Any pattern style will do. Complete all steps until it’s time to insert the elastics and sew the crotch seam – we’ll do this at the end.

Blossom Nappy Cover Pattern Hack picture 1

2.        When cutting your Blossom Skirt, you will need the following pieces:

–        1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

–        Note that the lining & tulle pieces (7 & 10) are optional, as is the bow (8 & 9)

3.       Construct your skirt, following steps 1 – 11. There is no need to mark the halfway and quarter mark pieces as you wont be attaching the skirt to a waistband.

4.       At this point, I like to tack a zig zag stitch down the pocket pleats the keep them sitting flat and prevent them rolling back and getting caught as we attach to the nappy cover. Sew down to the last pleat circle. We can remove the stitches at the end.

5.       At step 11, also sew along top (within seam allowance) to attach the top pocket edge to the front panel.

Blossom Nappy Cover Pattern Hack picture 2

6.       Join your front & back pieces, right sides together, and sew down both sides, finishing seams.

7.       Hem your main skirt per Step 25 or as desired.

8.       Join your lining pieces by sewing down both sides & finishing seams.

9.       Hem your lining skirt per Step 25 or following Step 26 if adding tulle.

10.       Insert your lining piece inside your main skirt piece as it would appear when being worn.

11.       Baste ¼” from edge all around the top and serge to prevent fraying.

12.       Mark the centre of the front & back skirt by folding in half, matching side seams and cutting a very tiny little notch in the front and back.

Blossom Nappy Cover Pattern Hack picture 3

13.       Now we need to gather the skirt.

14.       Firstly, gather your back skirt from side seam to side seam.

15.       Gather your front skirt in the centre only, ensuring you do not catch the pockets in these stitches.

16.       With right side facing out, measure on your Nappy Cover where you would like your skirt to sit. On this example which is a Size 1, I have measured 3” from the top of the leg seam. Draw a line with erasable marker on the front and back.

17.       Mark the centre of this line on both front and back.

Blossom Nappy Cover Pattern Hack picture 4

18.       Here comes the fun part! Flip your skirt upside down and inside out.

19.       Insert Nappy Cover so that the top hem of the skirt (which is now at the bottom) is resting on this line you have just drawn.

20.       Align each side and pin, then align your centre points and pin.

21.       We are going to complete pinning & gathering in 4 sections. Consider each gap between a centre marker and a side as 1 section.

Blossom Nappy Cover Pattern Hack picture 5

22.       Pull your gathering stitches from one side to make each section fit the nappy cover. Repeat for all four sections.

23.       Pin edge of skirt against the line you have drawn. I like to use a lot of pins in this step to ensure my skirt sits as straight as possible along the line.

24.       Sew all the way around 1cm from the edge of the skirt to fix to the nappy cover. Ensure your stitching is to the left of your overlocking, otherwise it will show through on the front.

25.       Flip your skirt down so now the right side is facing up. Using your iron to press the skirt downwards so it sits nice and flat.

26.       Remove any visible basting/gathering stitches.

27.       Top stitch all the way around the edge.

Blossom Nappy Cover Pattern Hack picture 6

28.       Nearly there! Insert your leg elastic and sew the crotch closed.

29.       Insert your waist elastic and close the casing.

30.       Stitch your bow on…. And you are done!

Penny Petite Blossom Nappy/Diaper Skirt Pattern Hack

Blossom Skirt PDF Sewing Pattern Cover
If you haven’t already be sure to pick up your copy of the Blossom Skirt as a Single PDF HERE 
OR as part of Issue 6 HERE
and check out more about Eliana & Thea HERE 
and more from Rebekah from Penny Petite HERE
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