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Make a sleeveless Marty Hoodie

I’ve got a confession … I ran out of time for all the options I wanted to add to the Marty Hoodie pattern.  BUT all is not lost – I’ve decided to post the hacks/options up on the blog.  As an added bonus you’ll be able to apply many of these “hacks” to other patterns.

making a sleeveless marty hoodie

How to make a sleeveless Marty Hoodie

I chose to finish my armholes on the sleeveless Marty Hoodie with self-binding.

.1.Cut your armhole binding.

I cut mine 4cm (1 5/8″) wide and 40cm (16″) long for size 8.

For size 1 you’ll need about 8cm (3″) less and for size 12 you’ll need about 8cm (3″) more.

You want it to be a couple of cm (3/4″ish) smaller than the armhole measurement so it’ll pull in nicely.  I find it easiest to cut more than I’ll need and then trim off the excess rather than risking being caught short.  Different knits with different amounts of stretch might need a longer or shorter amount of binding.

.2. Press the armhole binding in half, wrong sides together.

Sleeveless Marty Hoodie step 3

.3. Align the raw edges of the armhole binding with the raw edges of the armhole. Leave 20mm (3/4”) overhanging at the start and the end. Sew together.

Marty Hoodie Step 4a

Marty Hoodie Step 4b

.4. Leave the armhole binding pointing upwards when you sew the side-seams.  This will allow you to hide the top of the sideseam, when you fold the binding down in step 7.

.5. Right sides together match the side seams and sew together.

.6. Press the seam towards the back.

.7. Fold the armhole binding to the inside.

Sleeveless Marty Hoodie Step 8

.8. Using a twin needle stitch along the armhole on the outside to hold the armhole binding in place.

.9. Your hoodie is done!

Sleeveless Marty Hoodie

So I know she looks pretty unhappy in this photo, but this is her tough chick look! She was quite a fan of this version!

How to make a hoodless Marty Hoodie

This is a super easy hack! To do this version simply leave the hood off.  The neckbinding piece included in the pattern will finish the neckline off nicely.  You could leave it sticking up, but I much prefer the look when the neckbinding is stitched down for the hoodless Marty.

If you’d like to have ribbing at the neck instead of the neckbinding check out the blog post on adding ribbing hems and cuffs to your Marty Hoodie later in the week.

This hoodless-sleeveless version below also shows another of the hacks I’ll be showing you this week – sewing a dress with a kanga pocket!

Pink sleeveless Marty Hoodie

If you decide to use any of these pattern hacks I’d love to see! Come show me in the One Thimble Sewing Enthusiasts group on Facebook!


Marty Hoody Stand Alone Cover You can purchase the pattern for The Marty Hoodie as a single PDF HERE or purchase Issue 11 which contains this pattern HERE.

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