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Lost boys themed photoshoot

Do you ever look at photos on social media and wonder about the stories behind them?  
Cathie and Cindy from Sew Darn Ezy pulled together the most amazing “Lost Boys from Peter Pan” photoshoot for their One Thimble Issue 14 sews.  
Every time they shared an image a little more of the story came together.  I was so pleased when Cathie agreed to share a run down of this shoot!  Read on and be inspired by their story.

Behind the scenes of the sew darn ezy photoshoot

Thanks for asking us to share our shoot! One Thimble makes us think outside the box and we like to sew things that inspire others to do the same.  You could use the patterns from One Thimble to make a themed birthday party or for dressups or for special occasions.  The patterns aren’t just for everyday wear. 

Finding the models

We always knew we wanted to make the ‘theme’ of our OT 14 shoot Lost Boys, but we had a little bit of trouble finding a little model to play Tiger Lily. We were going to drive out to Dubbo so our little niece and nephew could play with us, but when we looked at the weather it said 45 deg was expected for the weekend…. ummmm no thanks! So I sent an sos to them, and a plea for them to head over to the coast, “thanks for the invite and the beach sounds perfect” was the reply! Yahoo, we were once again in business.

Making the outfits


Tiger lily in her Trillium Dress

Cindy walked in the door on Wednesday with a tub full of secondhand items to upcycle for props etc and that was when I spotted a pair of ladies slacks, the perfect colour and content for our Tiger Lily, Petite Stitchery, Trillium dress.

My only problem was getting the maxi length from them. The only way was to turn the leg sideways and I then had the side seam running across the skirt which didn’t make me happy. Scratching through our lace tub I found the perfect woven lace in two widths, one for the bodice seam and one for the skirt. So I unpicked the slacks side seam and added the lace.  It looked like it was meant to be.

My next dilemma was that little miss hates getting dressed and is not a fan of things being pulled over head, so I decided it was easy to measure the dress skirt for length and to just continue the button placket down through the full front and add snaps to make it quicker to dress her.

Remains of the upcycled pants I did however end up with a join in my placket half way down the skirt cause at that stage I only had scraps of the original pants left, hardly noticeable really. And thus our Tiger Lily dress was done.


boat and boys - lost boys - peter pan inspired photoshoot

I noticed that day also that Nadia of Orinoco Fabrics, a fantastic custom fabric group, had called for sample seamstresses for her Graffiti Plaid round and I had to send her a message that I needed these for our shoot…. they were perfect and suited the Thread Faction #113 Rompers style exactly. She posted them express on Wednesday but they didn’t arrive Thursday as I had hoped, knock on the sewing room door Friday morning was our trusty local postie telling me they had been delivered to the wrong address Thursday and he handed them to me with a smile, (love living in a small coastal town).


Tinkerbell - Lala skirt

Tinkerbell had to make an appearance also and what better pattern than the Bubby and Me Creations Lala Skirt, so soft and pretty a design. I had some gold coloured Silk in the stash and knew it would be amazing made into this skirt, so soft and flowing.

Tinkerbell leotard

I was going to use the Ultimate Suit by Boo! from issue 13 but her mumma wanted sleeves with fall being our next season so I used Boo! Designs Sleeved Leotard instead, it’s perfect for layering. The fabric for the Leotard was by WCollections I bought from Sems fabrics…. I LOVE WCollections designs!


Peter Pan - lost boys justin pants

Lets see what we are up to, ah yes, the Serger Pepper Designs, Justin Pants, how cool are these duds…. we made ours from Ponte, they sat perfectly on Leo. I didn’t have time to add all the pocket options but I did add some to the sides so he could stash his goodies, this boy loves bugs and creatures!

Making the props


Lost boys - peter pan - photoshoot - raccoon hat prop

Cindy started on the props.  For the Raccoon hat she cut the fur collar from an old jumper that was in the kids dress up box.  I think that jumper was mine as a teenager, must have been 40 years old lol.  She stitched it together to form a tube and left a long tale for our Raccoon hat.  It needed some ears so she cut some from an old piece of leather we had and stitched them on.  She then added a couple of snaps to fasten it together.

bear hat prop - lost boys - peter pan photoshoot

Jacket remains from bear hat Then she started on a bear hat….. yep she cut the hood from one of Leo’s old baby coats, added snaps to under the chin and hand stitched on some ears.

crown prop and #113 romper

The felt crown was purchased from another handmade business from Sydney, My Friend Fred, we found her at a market we did before Christmas and knew it suited our style of play.  PERFECT!


Lost Boys - Peter Pan - props for photoshoot

But our little role players needed something to keep their hands occupied also, so Cindy cut some corflute (old real estate signage) to the shape of a dagger and axe and covered them with felt and added some paint for the final detail.

She stitched up some old belts from the op shop to lash over their shoulders and wow they looked fantastic and the kids loved playing with them too.

hugs are fun treasure map and #113 romper

We grabbed our Hugs are Fun, Treasure Map and the Adventure Kit from Felt With Love Designs, both from Issue 10 cause they fitted the theme perfectly.


{Like the one Captain Hook and Mr Smee kidnapped Tiger Lily in! Except we forgot to bring the oar to the beach}

ss sew darn ezy - boat prop

We wanted to use the tutorial from One Thimble issue 14 to make a tent for the pics but totally ran out of time, but it will be something we definitely use in the future. A Pirate ship was called for and we happened to have a sheet of cardboard big enough to cut the shape from. Cindy is a master at painting items we need and she took this home and painted the sides to look like old boards.

The photo shoot

Off we went to the beach for a fun afternoon of play.  After the heatwave it didn’t take long for the kids to want to sit in the cool water.

a models life is hard!

Little miss started the afternoon cranky cause someone dared to put a pretty little feather in her hair, the shot of her having a melt down laying on the sand lol!

Lost boys and tiger lily one thimble photoshoot

But she was soon back into the spirit of things and loving playing with her big brother and cousin Leo in the boat.

lost boys held up by Tiger lily

She did have a secret weapon in the shape of a sparkly make-up brush, every warrior needs a wand right? lol She did soon discard this for a plastic pirates dagger to inflict some real damage on the Lost Boys, how dare they try to rescue her!!! All went well until she ran through the water in her lovely flowing dress, and it stuck to her legs….. cue the next melt down.

Thanks One Thimble for letting us show how much we love your magazine.  



3 Comments to “Lost boys themed photoshoot”

  1. Cathie and Cindy 24/02/2017 at 6:16 am

    Thanks for sharing our day Jen. We do love each quarter when we get to create with our imaginations just like big kids. Looking forward to the next Issue of our favorite ezine!

    • Jen Kennedy 24/02/2017 at 7:15 am

      One of my favourite parts of the quarter is getting to see what you guys create!!!

  2. Alison 24/02/2017 at 6:18 am

    Wow, so clever! What a wonderful photo shoot. Thank you for sharing!


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