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Lets get organised!

In issue 23 we featured an article on organising your sewing space. At the time, I was in a massive sewing funk. My sewing room had slowly been transformed into the disaster area so everytime I even walked into the room a wall of excuses literally confronted me. With the recently enforced slower pace that we have all been adapting to, I decided to get into that room and give it a massive overhaul. I called the company that installed all of our kitchen and bathroom cabinetry and finally committed to having cupboards and shelving installed. I then went through all of my patterns and culled them all. I sorted through my trims and managed to find a place for everything. And it worked- my missing sewing mojo returned!

Photo by Bria Whiter

With my newly rediscovered motivation urging me on, I started to look for new fabrics and projects. I saw a post over at MaaiDesign about keeping track of your needles. Each needle is really only designed to be used for around 8 hours, but when you are swapping them in and out of your machine for different projects it can be quite a long time before you use them again. I for one could never remember how long I have used any of my needles and wanted a system that would help me to keep track. Today I sat down and designed a little business sized card that can hold two needles and has a space for you to write the needle type and the amount of hours you have used it for. I printed mine out on paper and glued it to some card stock. Then I sliced along the lines and can now slip my used needles into them and keep them all together with my new needle packets. If you would like to print it out, just download the file from here.

I hope that this can assist you all in getting the best results from your sewing adventures!

-Happy Sewing, Lucy.

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