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Make a Marty Hoodie dress with kanga panel pocket

The Marty Hoodie pattern comes with a fun kanga panel pocket.  But when I drafted it, I made the pattern piece for the kanga panel pocket to just fit the tunic version not the hoodie dress.  Since release we’ve had quite a few people asking how to add a kanga pocket panel option to the dress length.

So today I’m going to show you how to alter the kanga pocket panel pattern piece so you can make your Marty Hoodie dress with a kanga panel pocket.

Adding a kanga pocket panel to your marty hoodie dress

How to adjust the pieces for your Marty Hoodie Dress  Kanga Pocket. . .

Original Pattern pieces for kanga pocket hack

Begin with your front piece and your kanga pocket panel piece.

Work out how much longer the dress length is than the tunic length

Step 1: Measure the difference between the tunic and dress lengths.

Lengthen the kanga panel pocket piece

Step 2: Add the length you calculated in step 1 to the bottom of the kanga pocket panel piece and draw your new pattern piece.

Final Pattern pieces for kanga pocket hack

Step 3: Your new kanga pocket panel pattern piece is now complete.  Remember to use the Marty Hoodie Kanga Top Front Panel Tunic piece (unaltered) instead of the Marty Hoodie Front Piece.

From here on it’s simply a matter of following the pattern instructions for making a tunic with kanga pocket panel option.  Don’t forget to lay your front and back panels beside each other after you’ve attached the kanga pocket to ensure they’re the same length before going on.

Marty Hoodie tunic and dress with Kanga panel pockets sewn by Number 92

These terrific versions of the Marty Hoodie were sewn by Danielle from Number 92.

Marty Hoodies sewn by Number 92

If you sew a Marty Hoodie Dress with a kanga pocket I’d love to see!  Come show me in the One Thimble Sewing Enthusiasts group on Facebook or tag me on Instagram or comment below.  I love to see what you create!


Marty Hoody Stand Alone Cover You can purchase the pattern for The Marty Hoodie as a single PDF HERE or purchase Issue 11 which contains this pattern HERE.

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