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Issue 8 Release

Are you a sewing tragic?  Do you find yourself thinking about sewing and planning your next project when you should be doing other things?  I bet you’re like me and have a crazy selection of idea notebooks and a to-do-list as long as your arm!  Do you buy patterns to find out how they’re sewn, because you get excited when you find a neat new sewing technique? . . .  actually maybe that last one’s just me!

There’s so much sewing information on the web and it’s a bit tricky to know where to start, which is where One Thimble comes in.  When I was first starting out I’d never heard of a PDF pattern and thought blogs were online diaries full of cringe worthy moments – I was so clueless!  The sewing magazines I could get, either focused on ladies wear or assumed I knew a lot more than I did.

I dreamed of finding a sewing magazine that was focused on the kind of sewing I was into – that was full of patterns I could sew for my handmade business if I wanted to and had articles I could read and learn from when I couldn’t be sewing.  I was dreaming of this ….

One Thimble Issue 8 on your tablet with a cuppa

Well maybe not exactly this, but something pretty close! It’s not the most swoonworthy photo (Kt had eaten the jam off the top of this cupcake and I had to perform an emergency cupcake-ectomy to recreate it for this photo) but oh my goodness I’ve been dreaming and hoping and wishing for what this photo represents for so long!

… a place where you can connect with others who want to join you on your sewing journey.

… a place where you can find patterns to use and adapt and mash and sew and learn from

… a place where you can discover designers and sewists and bloggers and your next sewing crush

… a place to celebrate your love of sewing

Issue 8 is the result of the hard work of 10 pattern designers, 21 article contributors, 3 photographers and the support of our advertisers, affiliates and readers.  It really is an amazing group effort and if I could reach out through this screen and give everyone who’s been a part of One Thimble’s journey a big hug I would!

But since I can’t – I’ve decided to give you a virtual hug in the form of 3 extra tidbits …


PDF Directory Blog post flyer


1.  Remember how Nerissa from Spreadsheet Geek did us up the pattern directory?  ( If you don’t remember you can read about it in these blog posts HERE and HERE ).

Well this morning I pre-loaded a spreadsheet for you, with the Issue 8 patterns.  I definitely don’t want you forgetting any One Thimble patterns!

You can download it by clicking on the orange writing below:



Internal links to navigate


2.  You might already have discovered this but if you haven’t I hope it’s a nice surprise! Issue 8 has internal links.  What this means is you can navigate from the contents page to the section of the e-zine you need to go to and you can go from the tutorials direct to the patterns at the back.  It was a Eureka moment when I figured out how to do it!




OT8 cover + pattern collage


3.  A reminder: that if you purchase an issue of One Thimble Digital Sewing Magazine you can request to have access to the patterns from that issue separately as well as as part of the issue e-zine.  You just need to send me an email to ask for it




I really do hope that One Thimble, and in particular Issue 8, is the resource you’ve been looking for to help your sewing soar!

Till next time wishing you Many Happy Sewing Adventures!


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