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Interview with Nikki from Bubby & Me

I first came across Nikki in the Australian Designers Make & Create group on facebook and was really excited when she got in touch about contributing the Penny Dress to Issue 6.  I really enjoyed finding out a little more about her this week and hope you do too!


Nikki has recently launched into designing PDF patterns for sale. With a strong history of sewing and creating, this is an exciting evolution of her business. Her designs are fun and practical with a modern twist.

Can you tell me a little about how you got into sewing / designing patterns?
When I first left school, I wanted to be able to sew clothes from start to finish, which included the pattern drafting process.  I enrolled in a private pattern drafting course in the city, which was just around the corner from Lincraft where I spent most of my lunchtimes.  I finally convinced the manager to give me a job there and eventually became full time in the fabric department…heaven, right?  I was then offered a job at Spotlight where I worked as a department manager for both craft and dress fabrics as well as working in the craft buying office.
I headed overseas for awhile to live in London and travel, but worked in administration roles before heading home.  I stayed in the corporate world upon my return to Melbourne but was always sewing something in the background.  When my first son was born and I was at home, I found I had more time to sew and really found my passion for sewing once again.  When number two son was born and I found myself housebound during naptimes, I turned once again to pattern drafting and starting to make clothes for them.  I then found Lauren Dahl’s fabulous course, Pattern Workshop, where she teaches you how to draft patterns using Adobe Illustrator which opened up so many more possibilities for me to work around my kids (I now have 3!).

What is your best sewing tip or do you have a favourite haby item that you couldn’t live without?
I can’t remember the exact quote, but I did read somewhere once that the more you pin, the less chance you have of having to unpick (kind of like, measure twice, cut once!).  And I definitely could not live without my sewing and knitting gauge.  I love that it has both metric and imperial measurements as well as that little slider thingy.

What inspires you?
I love Pinterest and get many ideas and inspiration for my designs there.  I also love seeing what kids are currently wearing already (the school playground is great for this!!) and seeing what design features I could possibly use in my future designs.

What’s your favourite (of your) patterns and why?
At the moment, my favourite pattern is the Eloise dress.  I love the little cap like sleeves and the pleating details in the front and back…I am a sucker for pleats!

Eloise Dress by Bubby and me

What’s something people might not know about you (that you’d like to share)?
When I was living in London, I bought a sewing machine, which raised a few eyebrows in my share house!!  Needless to say, it didn’t make it into the backpack for my trip home, but I did still have it shipped over!

What is your biggest challenge and do you have any advice for someone else in a similar situation?
I think believing in yourself, regardless of the set backs you may encounter and to keep trying new things until you find your niche.


You can purchase Nikki’s pattern for the Penny Dress as a single pattern HERE  or visit Nikki’s website to find out more about her other patterns HERE
or Purchase Issue 6 which contains this pattern HERE

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  1. Robyn from Obbie Dobbie 03/03/2015 at 3:48 pm

    Enjoyed your story Nikki. Your Penny dress looks great and I plan to sew it asap. I’m looking forward to seeing (and purchasing) more of your gorgeous patterns.


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