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Interview with Jess from Gracious Threads

I have so many aims with One Thimble and one of the biggest has got to be including people from all over the world.  I love meeting and learning from people from other nations and since sewing is a hobby/skill that transcends boundaries it makes sense to include people from everywhere.  I also think its pretty cool that even though we live 12,221km’s apart, Jess and I both have Edmonton in our address!

Picture Gracious Threads began as a place for
Jess to share all the sewing she did for
her friends and family.
It soon grew, as other sewists shared her love for simple, practical clothing for kids. Jess lives with her husband and 3 children on their Canadian dairy farm.
Jess contributed the
Traveller Tee to issue 4.

What, where or who inspires you? 
I am inspired by my mom. I am the oldest of eight children, and she sewed nearly all our clothes, for each one of us. Her clothing was always practical, but she tried hard to implements favourite colours, designs and trends. She passed away when I was a teen, but I know she would be thrilled that I’ve taken up sewing as well!

What is your favourite haby item? 
Definitely my rotary cutters and two giant mats. I use my small 18mm cutter to cut out patterns, and use my larger version to cut out the fabric. They have sped up my sewing time so much!

Do you have any tips for balancing family life and kids with business? 
I do my best to stay organized. I’m hopeless with digital calendars, so I splurge on pretty stationary. Every event and deadline gets recorded, and I often number them in order of priority. I work on my business between 7 and 9 pm and during nap times and try to focus on my kids during the day.

What is your favourite pattern you’ve made and why? 
My favourite pattern is my Lazy Days Lounge Pants. They were a pattern I drafted out of necessity for my girls, who wanted something comfortable yet still nice enough for school. It doesn’t hurt that they’ve become my best selling pattern!

Do you do other crafts? If not what would you like to have a go at? 
While it isn’t exactly a craft, I’ve recently spend quite a bit of time improving my photography. Not only does it help my business, it allows me to record those precious moments of my children’s lives! If I had more time, I’d love to learn how to work with leather and dream about making custom shoes for myself and my kids.

Picture You can purchase Jess’s pattern for the Traveller Tee as a single pattern HERE 
or visit Jess’s website to find out more about her other patterns HERE
or Purchase Issue 4 which contains this pattern

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  1. Jess 15/09/2014 at 6:22 pm

    12000K, impressed you figured that out! Thanks for having me 🙂


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