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Interview with Irene from Serger Pepper

Irene’s first contribution to One Thimble was the article on Maintaining your Overlocker in Issue 5.  It was a real hit and I was so pleased when she agreed to contribute a pattern to Issue 6.  I really enjoy getting to know sewists from all around the world and have learned so much about my overlocker from Irene’s blog!

Picture Irene is the Italian creative mind behind Serger Pepper.She has sewn for most of her life and her goal is to design versatile PDF patterns you can easily use to sew cute but practical clothes that fit every day of your life.

Irene describes herself as a refashion addicted, overlocker fanatic and she’s got some awesome treats for you during One Cardigan week!

Can you tell me a little about how you got into sewing / designing patterns?
Sewing is been part of my life from the very beginning: my mom decided to quit her day job when she knew she was expecting me. She has been a SAHM until I have been 5 years old.
She had previously learnt to sew from her cousin, who was a tailor, and she has sewn most of my wardrobe (my grandma knitted the rest of it!).

In my early days, the average evening at home was:
mom: tracing a pattern on the sewing table;
dad: unpicking a seam or a basting, sitting on the rolling chair;
me: waiting for scraps of fabric falling off the table, to create doll clothes.
I’ve been probably allowed to sew (under adult supervision) with my mom’s Singer at the age of 5, more or less.

Designing my own patterns has been the answer to the big companies ill fitting patterns! When I was 18, I designed a friend’s wedding dress… sadly I have no photographic evidence of it!

What is your best sewing tip ?
My best tip for sewing is to rethread your sewing machine (or serger) when it looks like it’s not properly sewing: most of the times, the problem is there!Check also My 15 Top Tips on Serger Pepper
15 Top Beginner's Sewing Tips from Serger Pepper

What inspires you?
… almost everything! I work at the front office, on a swimming pool, so I see a lot of people everyday. I often find myself looking at their clothes, trying to figure out how can I mimic design details, instead of listening to them!

Another font of inspiration for me are fashion magazines (You know: Marie Claire, Elle, Vogue…) and… Pinterest! I may say I’m addicted to it! (PS: you may want to follow me at )

What is your favourite pattern and why
I think my favourite pattern is the OneCardigan, at the moment, because of its versatility.
I’ve seen it sewn in so many versions and each one looks like it’s made using a different pattern! I think this is the way to go, for my next patterns: lots of options to mix and match, for added convenience!

What’s something people might not know about you (that you’d like to share)?
I am addicted to coffee, I am a soapmaker (I create my laundry soaps and hand soap/shampoo using olive oil, lye and essential oil), I eat Paleo and I hate surprises (I tend to plan everything in detail, and try to stick to my plans!): this is (more or less) me!

What is your biggest challenge and do you have any advice for someone else in a similar situation?
At the moment, I’m struggling with time management: as a working mom, I’m outside home for most of the day.

I would need to double the hours/day to be able to fit in my passions (sewing/blogging) and some family time in my “spare time”!

The worst part is that I feel like a bad mom when I try to cut out some “me time”, so I don’t think I have advices to give away! I know that too soon my daughter will grow up and I will regret I didn’t spend more time with her… but, in the other side, sometimes I only want to open my Illustrator and start drafting: am I that mean?

See you on Serger Pepper, if you like!

Picture You can purchase Irene’s pattern for the One Cardigan as a single pattern HERE 
or visit Irene’s website to find out more about her other patterns HERE
or Purchase Issue 6 which contains this pattern HERE
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