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Interview with Mel from Filles a Maman

Today we’re chatting to Mel from Filles à Maman.  Mel contributed the Jolie Skirt to One Thimble Issue 10 – which has been our first bi-lingual pattern.  It comes with both English and French instructions – how cool is that!


Mel Henry - Filles a Maman


Mel is a French-Canadian designer, mother of 3 girls.
That’s where the name ‘’Filles à Maman” (Mommy’s daughter) comes from. Her designs are modern and simple and her patterns are evolving with her customer needs. She loves to work with testers to bring the pattern to a higher level.



How did you get into pattern-making? 

Sewing has always been part of my life. In good and bad times, there was always a sewing machine nearby. It was only with the arrival of my three girls that I wanted to get into digital pattern design. I had trained as a designer, pattern maker, but paper and pencils were my favorite medium. It was a challenge to learn how to create, digitize my models on a computer screen. I am really proud of what I have accomplished so far and I hope this is just the beginning.

What/where/who inspires you? 

My daughters are my best critics. They love, they hate, they feel clothes like no one. If they don’t like it, no one will.

FAM_Jolie_Mimi FAM_Petit OIseau_10 FAM_Joliepocket_Onethimble10










What’s your best tip for people getting started with sewing?

Read, Read, Read. Take a coffee. Read again, then cut your pattern and fabric.

What’s your favourite pattern / thing you’ve sewn?   

I want to make a lot of things, all at the same time. My biggest problem -yes it’s a problem- is that I have too many ideas. Patterns ideas, fabric ideas, blog ideas. Sometimes it’s hard to focus on what would be the best thing to work on next.

What are you working on now?

Right now, I am working on an update for my most popular pattern with a woman’s version. I like to commit myself because that kind of boosts me to finish it.

Jolie Skirt Stand Alone Cover from One Thimble Issue 10 You can purchase Mel’s pattern for The Jolie Skirt as a single PDF HERE or visit her website to see more of her sewing patterns HERE or purchase Issue 10 which contains this pattern HERE.

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