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Interview with Karly from Paisley Roots

Today I’m excited to introduce to to Karly from Paisley Roots – she’s contributed to One Thimble twice this year.

Firstly with her Thyme Vest in Issue 14 and most recently with her Nori Dress in Issue 17.



Tell me a little about Paisley Roots and how you got into sewing and designing.

I’m Karly from Paisley Roots. I’ve always been into crafting and early on I had a love of expressing myself using clothes. My mother used to call me the “bag lady” because I loved to mix and match and wear layers and it was very common for me to have bold bright shirts with leggings, a skirt, and vest or hoodie on over.

When I was 12 I got my first experience being able to make something using a sewing machine in home ec class and afterwards I would “adjust” my clothes by hand sewing.

At 20, after the birth of my first child, my mother bought me a sewing machine and I have been sewing almost every day since!

I have been self taught and would draft my own patterns for my son, and then for my daughters once I had them. When I found out about the online sewing world, I started making patterns to sell.

What/where/who Inspires you?

I’m very inspired by so many bloggers that I am blessed to call friends as well! I’m always inspired by my best friend, Crystal, from That’s What She Crafted. Everything she makes is always so well sewn and fun!

Crystal inspires me

Sabra from Sew a Straight Line always has some of the most amazing makes and has inspired my love of making more detailed items such as jeans and coats.

Group shoot with Sabra's kids

Laura, from Titchy Threads, always has such fun projects and pattern elements that I just love, such as her twisted tank and puppet sleeves on the Safari Raglan.

Twisted tank

What’s your best tip for people starting out with sewing?

My best tip for people just starting out is that, you don’t need it all right now. You don’t need the expensive equipment, although it does definitely help, it’s not an absolute must. Also, have confidence. Don’t ever be afraid to ask for something. I have found the sewing community to be very helpful. Sometimes you will get a no answer or a no, but I’ve recieved far more “yes'” then I’ve ever recieved a no.

What’s your favourite thing you’ve ever sewn?

My favorite thing I’ve ever sewn….that’s a hard one. Here’s my top 4 favorite. The first is my Juniper Trench Coat, My Blazer, Jude’s floral button up outfit, and lastly, this outfit for Zoe that has 3 of my most favorite elements in it, stripes, florals and my favorite skirt design!

Juniper Trench Coat

Karly's Blazer

Buttonup Outfit

Zoe's outfit

What are you working on right now?

Right now I am actually working on moving, so my business is slightly on hold while we get that all sorted out, but once we’re all settled in and since all my kids are now in school, I plan to work more on coming out with more patterns (I have a list of them with the Juniper Trench Coat and my Blazer patterns being at the top of that list!) and I’m also planning on selling some clothing as well!

What’s something people might not know about you?

What people might not know about me…The first thing I wanted to be when I grew up was a photographer. This is the first picture I ever took. I had picked all the flowers and found the ball they are in and was fiercly proud of this picture for years.

Karly's flower ball photo

Nori Dress Stand Alone Cover

You can purchase Karly’s pattern for the Nori Dress as a single pattern HERE or purchase Issue 17 that contains this pattern HERE.

To visit Karly’s website and see her other patterns visit HERE.

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