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Interview with Jeanine from StitchART

Jeanine Thomlinson - StitcART Jeanine is a Canadian designer who loves free motion appliqué, sewing pretty things, mermaids, and dabbling in fabric design!
She is a a lover of whimsy and pink and anything that inspires fun and imagination. She has two girls who help inspire her work and drawings.


 Tell me a little about your business and how you got into designing/sewing.

I started StitchART In August of 2015. I fell in love with free motion applique through one thimble issue 7 and I had such a hard time finding free motion applique patterns on the market I decided to put my years of art lessons to use and make my own designs! I had the programs on my computer already for turning my sketches into proper patterns and so I went for it. Hope and a dream! Sewing I began in 2010 when I had my first daughter. I wanted adorable one of a kind outfits for her that I saw while browsing the internet to relieve the bordem of being able to do nothing while nursing and her napping (she was one of those who would wake up and screech if I moved more than my wrist).

What/where/who inspires you?

Oh my…this one is next to impossible to answer… My goofy kids and their quirky selves ALWAYS inspire me! Otherwise though it completely depends on my mood haha.  I do love the art world for inspiration!


What’s your best tip for people getting started with sewing?
Just practice. Even if you are not sewing anything at all you can learn so much about your machine and stitches by simply sewing scraps together. Do not fear your machine, and don’t count yourself out just because there are people who seem so advanced. For me that was the hardest part, I wanted to sew amazing things like I had pictured in my head before I even knew how to thread my machine. I forced myself to sew everyday and joined a every day sewing group to keep myself accountable and practicing and learning and it was the best desicion I made for learning the craft.

What’s your favourite pattern/ thing you have sewn? What you are working on now?

My favourite personal pattern is Mollly the Mermaid, I have LOOOVED mermaids since my dad took me to see the Little Mermaid in the theaters when it came out all those years ago. Currently I’m working on my artwork, I’m making myself work on faces – a great weak point for me is the nose…. Sewing wise I’m working on some sewing for fabric tours as I’m in 2 coming up, kid projects. My personal favourite sew is the SisBoom Angie and kids pattern favourite is the Sis Boom Sally.



What’s something people might not know about you?

I seem to collect creative hobbies…. I took private art lessons from a university art professor all through my highschool years and painting on canvas is the regular and go to hobby of mine besides sewing/embroidery. But I also took a few years of pottery and even made felt flower wedding boquets! I’m trying to be more focused in my hobbies…. but it is SOOOOO hard for me!



Hood Creatures FMA Stand Alone Cover You can purchase Jen’s pattern for the Hood Creatures FMA as a single PDF HERE or visit her website to see more of her work HERE or purchase Issue 11 which contains this pattern HERE.


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