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How to sew Blind Hems

Here’s a quick “how to” for sewing Blind Hems.  You often see this hem on pants or fancy dresses.  It’s a terrific little technique for sewing a hem so that your stitches are almost invisible on the right side of the garment.


How to Hem Stitch

Step 1:
Finish the raw edge of the hem.
Step 2:
Turn the hem up the required amount and iron.
Step 3:
Turn your outfit right side up, then flip the hem allowance to the top, so that only the finished edge
of the hem sticks out beyond the garment.
Step 4:
Turn the whole thing over.
Step 5:
Stitch with a blind hem stitch. The straight stitches are sewn on the finished hem and the little zigzag
stitches catches the garment.
Step 6:
Fold the hem down and iron. There will be small stitches on the right side of the fabric, but if you
match your cotton it will be almost invisible.


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