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How to sew a Kraft-Tex clutch

How to sew a Sakuro Clutch with Kraft-Tex

Kylie Little Moo Designs Guest Blog by Kylie from Little Moo Designs

Etched with a bohemian vibe, Little Moo Designs patterns are created for levels from beginners to intermediate.  Kylie believes a new outfit is an excuse for a new handbag, and what better way to personalise your outfit than sewing your own unique bag or clutch. Kylie contributed the Sakuro Clutch to One Thimble Issue 13.

Welcome to the world of Kraft-Tex.

Hi everyone! I am sew excited to share with you my latest find. My patterns are designed around textile blending such as mashing fabric with leather, vinyl, cork fabric. Recently I discovered a fun product called Kraft-Tex. Anything new like this intrigues me, so I purchased some to play with and I am thrilled with the results.

What is Kraft-Tex?

You know on the back of some jeans, where there is a label on that papery type fabric with the branding printed on it – well that is Kraft-Tex!

Kraft-Tex is a paper based product that is strong and sturdy. It is suitable for many crafts including; stamping, scrap booking, sewing, mixed media arts and I am sure many others. I purchased mine from Spotlight, however it can be found online also.

Kraft-Tex is available in a variety of colours however I used the brown/cappuccino colour in my projects. The product feels quite firm when you take it out of the packet, I wondered how this would sew without ripping as it feels a lot like cardboard.

After a little research, I found out that washing Kraft-Tex gives it a softer feel which makes it a little more user friendly for bags, in particular the Sakuro Clutch I wanted to sew with it.

My first Kraft-Tex Sew

I first tried sewing a Turnabout Pouch with Kraft-Tex. I cut a piece the size I needed, I then put it in a cup of boiling water. I decided to tea die this piece and it seemed to absorb the tea stain perfectly. I printed my favourite saying on my home printer onto the dried piece of Kraft-Tex and then sewed it as I would with leather (more on that in a moment).

Close up of Kraft-Tex clutch Turnabout clutch from Kraft-Tex

MY KRAFT-TEX sakuro clutch

For my Sakuro Clutch, I needed quite a large piece. I wanted a creased, vintage inspired look. I cut the piece out I needed using the Sakuro Clutch pattern template. I then soaked the Kraft-Tex in a bucket with ¼ cup of vinegar in boiling water. I scrunched it up. After 30 minutes I took it out to dry on the clothes line and repeated this process two more times.

The Kraft-Tex softens with washing, making it easier to sew. I didn’t iron it as I wanted to the creased look, however you could iron it if you prefer a smoother look.
Sakuro Clutch Sneak Peek Window   Sakuro Clutch as tablet holder






Sakuro Clutch made from Kraft-tex

Here are my top tips on sewing Kraft-Tex:

– Use a micro-tex needle

– Increase stitch length (Individual machine settings vary)

– I used upholstery thread for my feature free motion stitching, however I then used all purpose thread for the rest of the clutch.

– Do not pin Kraft-Tex, use wonderclips or it will leave pin marks.

– The more you wash Kraft-Tex, the more it softens, you can tailor this to suit your project.

I really love how my Sakuro Clutch and Turn-about Pouch turned out. Such a fun textile to sew and the results were better than I expected. When I get a chance, I want to have a go at tie dying some for use in a Fold Over Party Clutch!

Don’t be afraid to give Kraft-Tex a try, you might just love it like I do!!


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1 Comment to “How to sew a Kraft-Tex clutch”

  1. Cindy 19/12/2016 at 5:20 am

    Thanks so much for your tips. An amazing product. The finish is so unique! I love it.


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