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How to install push locks

You’re looking forward to sewing a new bag pattern.  You can even imagine how wonderful the finished project is going to look, but then you see the hardware requirements.

Push Locks and you get scared …

Kylie from Handbag Hardware Australia

But there’s no need to pack up your interfacing and fabric scissors Kylie from Handbag Hardware Australia is guest blogging for us today and sharing a brilliant “How to for installing Push Locks”.

Push Locks are also known as Thumb Locks or Tongue Locks.


How to install Push Locks Guest Blog Post by Handbag Hardware Australia

How to Install Push Locks
Anatomy of a pushlock Requirements:
Push Lock kit
Sharp ended scissors
Hammer & 2mm hole punch
Marking Pen
Phillips Head Screw Driver – small

Mark your Push Lock Placement

Step 1: Using the pattern as your placement guide mark the four prongs of the backing plate onto the fabric.  Then using your sharp ended scissors or quick unpick cut along these lines to create prong slits.

Insert your Push Lock

Step 2: Insert the backing plate prongs through the slits created.

Fold the backing plate prongs into place

Step 3: Fold the backing plate prongs over the mesh/washer to secure.

Position and mark your push lock

Step 4: Place your push lock into position and mark where the screw holes are.  Using your 2mm hole punch or sharp point scissors create the holes ready to attach your push lock into place.

Secure the pushlock in place

Step 5: Using your Phillips Head screwdriver secure the push lock onto the fabric.

Completed Push Lock Installation

Congratulations – you’ve installed your Push Lock!

Adventure Case Stand Alone Cover from One Thimble issue 10

Keen to try out your new Push Lock skills?

Check out the Adventure Case pattern by Emkie Designs in One Thimble Digital Sewing Magazine Issue 10.

Kylie from Handbag Hardware Australia offers a hardware kit for this pattern that you can find HERE.

And for all your Handbag Hardware needs be sure to visit Kylie at Handbag Hardware Australia.

Handbag Hardware Australia

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