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How to alter the Cosmos Skirt to add a regular elastic waist band.

You might remember Carly from Miss Edee Designs from her article in One Thimble Issue 8 on “How to add a Faux Button Placket to a Skirt or a dress”.  Today she’s with us to share a Pattern Hack for the Cosmos Skirt – she’s swapping the FOE waistband to an elastic casing.

How to add an elastic casing to your cosmos skirt blog flyer

***EDIT – Carly has used double width for her cosmos skirt (cut the front and back panels on the fold).  If you follow as per the pattern your skirt will be less full and you’ll only follow step 1 to 10 of the pattern before swapping to this tute.  In step 5 of this pattern hack you won’t need to gather your skirt as it will be the same width as the waistband ***

  1. Follow the pattern instructions step 1 to 11 to construct the skirt ready to add your elastic waist band.
  2. Use the pattern piece as the guide for the width of your waist band.

Cut the fabric on the fold  x 8cm (3 1/4″) wide.

Step 2 Cosmos Waistband Tute

  1. With right sides together stitch your waistband together and press open the seam.

Step 3 Cosmos Waistband Tute

  1. Prepare your folds, I like to do this now as it becomes very fiddly to iron once the waist band is attached to your skirt. Pop your waist band over the end of your ironing board, fold in half and press. Next press a 1cm seam allowance towards the wrong side of your waist band.

Step 4 Cosmos Waistband Tute

  1. Using your gathering stitches from step 10, gather your skirt to match the size of your waist band.

Step 5 Cosmos Waistband Tute

  1. With right sides together, pin your waistband to your skirt matching one side seam with the waist band seam. I section the skirt and waistband into 4 points to ensure the skirt is evenly pinned. With a 1 cm (3/8″) seam allowance sew the waistband to one side of your skirt, as this skirt is reversible it will make no difference which side you attach it to first.

Step 6 Cosmos Waistband Tute

  1. Turn your skirt out the other way. Using the folds you pressed earlier, pin your waistband down into place making sure the stitching is hidden.

Step 7 Cosmos Waistband Tute

  1. Top stitch your waist band. Make sure you leave a 2 inch gap to thread your elastic through. I also like to top stitch the top of the waistband but this is optional.
  2. Thread your elastic through the opening. Double check your elastic has not twisted inside the waistband then stitch your elastic together.

Step 9 Cosmos Waistband Tute

  1. Topstitch the opening you left for the elastic and you’re done.

Step 10 Cosmos Waistband Tute


Cosmos Skirt Thumbnail


You can find the pattern for the Cosmos Skirt as a Stand Alone Pattern HERE
or Issue 8 (which this pattern is included in) HERE
or visit Carly’s facebook page HERE.

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