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Giving One Thimble as a Gift

We all have them. Those hard to shop for family members or friends who are a bit fussy or who already have everything. Are you feeling the pressure to find them the perfect gift this Christmas?

You can avoid the stress and hassle of trudging through store after crowded store (with your kids in tow) in search of that one elusive present.

Instead, consider giving a practical, entertaining gift that keeps on giving all year long: a magazine subscription.

I admit I’ve got a soft spot for subscriptions that goes back to the first one I received to Dolly magazine when I was 13 or 14. Before then magazines were something I only had when I went on holidays.

I’ve always been a big reader and had stacks of Melanie Rawn and Sarah Douglass beside my bed, but there’s always been something special about magazines. You can dip in and out as the mood strikes. I remember eating after dinner mints and flipping through pages while lying on the timber floor at a holiday house, happily lost in a world of my own.

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The last few years my sister and I have taken to giving each other magazine subscriptions for our birthdays. We love the idea that a subscription is something that lasts all year long, and to be honest, without a subscription we’d miss issues all over the place otherwise!

If you’ve got a sewing enthusiast in your life, consider giving them a subscription to One Thimble.

This year I’ve added a few options to One Thimble gift vouchers and subscriptions:

·         If the person you’d like to send the gift voucher/subscription to lives in Australia, you can opt to have it posted to them, rather than needing to print the voucher out.

·         With subscription purchases you can now select a mix of past or future issues.
The choice is yours! Ordering is simple. Click here for more details.

And remember, if you’re a sewing enthusiast looking for something special this Christmas, don’t forget to pop One Thimble on your own wish list!

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