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Faux Layered Sleeves for the Hickory and Spice Henley

Hickory & Spice Henley Pattern Hack:  Faux Layered Sleeves


How to add faux layered sleeves to the Hickory and Spice Henley - pattern hack

I like to give my kids the freedom to choose what they wear, as long as it’s reasonably weather-appropriate and basically situation-appropriate. (No bathing suits to church or to play in the snow, you know?) But…how are your kids at matching their clothes? Mine still err on the, um, creative side. And while little creative pattern mixing never hurt anyone, it is nice to have a few things already paired and matching. That’s something I like about these faux layered sleeves.

This pattern hack (which can be applied to most patterns with both short and long sleeve lengths; I’m using it on the Hickory & Spice Henley here) is a quick and easy way to add a cute layered look to an outfit without the fuss of wearing more layers. Or the crazy color choices of children who choose their own layers.

Here we go! H&S Faux Sleeve Photo 1

Cut out the short sleeve exactly as the pattern directs.

Draw a line one hem allowance up from the finished hem line. You’ll cut the bottom portion only of the long sleeve, going up to this line.

In the Hickory & Spice Henley pattern, the finished hem lengths are all marked with notches. The hem allowance is 3/4” (1.25cm), so cut the long sleeve section 3/4” (1.25cm) above the short sleeve notches.

H&S Faux Sleeve 2

Press up the hems on both the long and short sleeve.

H&S Faux Sleeve 3

Unfold the short sleeve hem, and line up the bottom edge of the short sleeve with the top edge of the long sleeve. Sew them right sides together with a 3/8” (1cm) seam allowance. Remember to use a stretch stitch.

H&S Faux Sleeve 4

Fold the short sleeve’s hem back up, and topstitch just like any hem. I like to use a faux coverstitch stitch my sewing machine has; so much easier than messing with the twin needle! (I’m showing you both the right side and wrong side of the sleeves in this picture.)

And there you go! Now you simply sew in the sleeves as per the pattern. Easy-peasy.

H&S Faux Sleeve 5

What do you think? Will you be adding faux layered sleeves to your kid’s (or your own!) shirts this autumn?

I have one more Hickory & Spice pattern hack for you this week. If you like the look of the placket, but don’t want to sew a real one check back soon… 😀


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