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Edge Stitching feet

Do you ever look at finished garments and think, “How the heck did you get that topstitching so straight”?

… If you don’t ever think that, then you probably already own one of these feet!

Tips & Techniques - Using special feet to help you sew straight


I’m lucky enough to have two sewing machines.  

my sewing machines

Bernie (Bernina activa 230 PE) on the left and Jan (Janome DC2050) my new back up machine on the right.  I got Jan at the start of the year when Bernie was in for a service.  Issue 6 was about to come out and the thought of being without a sewing machine that close to a release was giving me palpitations!  

This blog post will cover the feet I use for topstitching on these two machines.


I’m a bit of a sewing machine foot addict! When I first started sewing I brought a heap of extra feet for my sewing machine.

Some I never use – sorry Ruffler, but others like my rolled hem foot and edge stitch foot I use almost every time I sew.

Bernina Foot 5

My #5 foot for my Bernina is my #1 favourite sewing machine foot ever!!!!  I LOVE this foot!

I’ve been calling this foot my “Edge Stitch Foot”, but when I was researching this blog post I discovered that its actually called a “Blindstitch foot”.

The funniest thing about that is, I’ve never thought to use it when sewing a blindstitch hem – I’ll have to give it a go!

#5 and #10 Bernina Feet and the difference

***EDIT – Brooke from Bug and Miss has both the #5 (Blindstitch Foot) and #10 (Actual Edge Stitch Foot) – she very helpfully sent me through a picture of the two and now I definitely need a #10 foot for my birthday – it looks even better than #5 for edge stitching …





Bernina foot 5 in action

I sort of assumed everyone knew about this foot until I posted the picture above on social media and had a heap of people ask me what foot it was and how to use it!

It is seriously the easiest thing in the world to use this foot for topstitching.

  1. Butt the blade that runs down the centre of the foot up against the edge of the fabric.
  2. Move the needle position to the left or the right depending on where you’d like your topstitching to be.
  3. Sew your line of stitching while keeping the fabric butted up against that blade.
  4. Done!

Janome Edge Guide Foot

The first extra foot I got to go with my Janome was the “Edge Guide Foot”.

It’s really easy to use too!

  1. Use the little screw on the right of the foot to move the position of the plastic guide.
  2. Butt the plastic guide up against your fabric.
  3. Sew your line of stitching while keeping the fabric butted up against that blade.
  4. Done!


If you have a Bernina or a Janome sewing machine and don’t own one of these feet, then I highly recommend that you buy one.  They’ll make topstitching so much easier!

Have you got a different machine?  Do you have a different edgestitching foot you use?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on using special feet to help you sew straight!


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  1. Sandra 12/11/2015 at 11:39 am

    Just tried my walking foot recently and was surprised at how easy it was ☺☺


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