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Easy Softie Pattern Hack

Last week Tiffany from Simply Adorable Designs posted this in the One Thimble Sewing Enthusiasts Group: Sewing a Pikachu Friend

“Today is this little mans 10th birthday, but it has been postponed till Friday when daddy is home. So today we used the kids softies pattern from edition 4 and he created his very own pikachu!!! He has changed some of the pieces to create this amazing ‘friend’.”

I was so impressed that I asked whether I could share his work on social media.  He said yes and then very kindly offered to share his tips for pattern hacking Jody’s Crafty Creations Kids Creations Easy Softie pattern (from One Thimble Issue 4) into Pikachu with us.


So if you’re keen to hear how he did it read on:

  • Use the original tail and ear to make custom pieces (use a lead pencil)

Drawing your new ear shapes

  • Use the edge of the sewing machine foot to line up the edge of the fabric and go slow.  (Don’t forget to backstitch or put the foot down.  It’s a mess to unpick).
  • For the tail make custom pieces and use hard interfacing.  Mum helped a lot with this.  Put the outside bits together and stitch one side.

Tail guide

  • Flip it and iron flat.  Now you can slide your interfacing in.  (Remember it, the interfacing, needs to be the same shape but without seam allowance).  This can be tricky.  We used double sided tape to fold the other seam into the middle.  Then topstitch all around.
  • APPLIQUE:  Mum has funny stuff ( a bit like double sided tape) that sticks fabric together.  Then I straight stitched close to the edge.
  • Use buttons for the eyes as this is easier than cutting circles.
  • Draw the nose and mouth with an erasable pen and straight stitch with sewing machine.
  • Don’t overfill arms and legs with stuffing as it makes it hard to sew around the edge.

Tips Image 1 Tips Image 2

Master Simply Adorable Designs

Front of softie   Back of Softie


Well Done Master L! Thanks so very much for sharing your tips and your fabulous project with us!


If you’ve got a project to share be sure to get in touch! 

Happy Sewing.





2 Comments to “Easy Softie Pattern Hack”

  1. Jody Herbert 12/01/2016 at 10:26 pm

    Such a wonderful creation! Love it!


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