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DIY lightbox

Katie from Twinkle Boo has a really neat trick she shared after the Backgrounds and Backdrops blog post …

How to make a lightbox using an ikea desk

I really struggled to get a great picture when I first started taking them.  Then I discovered to my surprise that the bathroom is the brightest place in my house, without having to deal with the elements!

Finally I had found a nice light place in my house but I was getting super frustrated with using cardboard and fabric for my backdrop….crinkles never mattered so much before in my life!

On a whim I grabbed a little kids desk we had yet to put together, it was white, I needed a white crinkle free background and something small for the space I was working in…. It worked like a charm.

Back of diy lightbox Sides of DIY lightbox DIY lightbox assembled






I remembered seeing diy light boxes and wondered if I used the sides of the desk to reflect my light onto the product and take away some shadows that would help me even more.  These are the sides that I use.

Sometimes I don’t need to use both of them and sometimes I need more so I use a little whiteboard
It worked a treat and is now the first thing I grab when doing product photos.

Azure Party Dress sewn by Twinkle Star

Thanks so much for sharing your fab tip Katie! Your Azure Dress is stunning!!!

If you have a tip to share – be sure to get in touch!

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