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Chunkster Pencil Pencil Case Pattern Hack

The Pencil Pencil Case has been a popular teacher gift but if you’re like me and running out of time before the end of the school year you might have been dreaming of a simpler option . . .
Kate from Horris & Deedle has come to the rescue with a Pattern hack that changes the 3 skinny pencils to a one chunky pencil pencil case.

Pencil Pencil Case by Horris and Deedle From this …

Horris and Deedle Chunkster Pencil Case Hack … To this

Check out the “how to” for the Chunkster Hack HERE on the Horris & Deedle blog 

Picture If you haven’t already be sure to pick up your copy of the Pencil Pencil Case
* as a Single PDF HERE 
* or as part of Issue 5 HERE
and check out more Horris & Deddle Goodness  HERE 
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