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How to conquer sewing corners with Elles from Misusu Patterns

TUTORIAL: HOW TO CONQUER CORNERS  with guest blogger Elles from Misusu Patterns

How to Conquer corners

Apparently I have a “thing” for bold geometric shapes, sharp lines and corners. If you’re new to Misusu Patterns and just got acquainted by meeting the Origami Sweater and Dress pattern in One Thimble’s 18 issue, this might not come as a surprise. But somehow I never consciously realized those design elements tend to sneak into my designs!

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Free Shell Bikini Top Pattern

Today we’re super lucky to have Melinda from PrimaBelle Creations sharing her free shell bikini top pattern!  If you’re looking for a simple to sew top, to complete your Mermaid costume then this is the “how to” for you!

Free Mermaid Shell Bikini Top Pattern

When I showed my 3 year old the Makana Mermaid Skirt (pattern by Tadah Patterns from One Thimble Issue 16) I made her, she insisted she needed a shell bikini top just like a mermaid princess! So I decided to draft a simple Shell Bikini Top to fuel her imagination!

You will need:
● The Shell Pattern Piece
● 36″ piece of Ribbon or Lace
● Fat Quarter of Fabric
● Low Loft Batting (sew in or iron on)
● Sewing Machine, Thread, Scissors, Iron

Seam allowance is 1/4″

Download Melinda’s full tutorial -> PrimaBelle Creations Shell Bikini Tutorial

Download just the pattern piece -> Shell Bikini Template – PrimaBelle Creations

Let’s begin…

1. Print off your pattern piece. Cut out the shell.

2. Cut the shell pieces from your fabric (2 mirrored pairs) and from the batting (1 mirrored pair).

Shell Bikini Top Requirements
3. Iron the batting (or baste if sew in batting) to the wrong side of two fabric shell pieces.

4. Place one mirrored pair of fabric shells right sides together and sew around the edge, leaving a gap on one side of the shell for turning. Repeat with the other pair.

Step 4 Shell Bikini Top
5. Clip the corners and trim the seam allowance down (excluding the open gap).

6. Turn each one the right way out and press.

Step 6 shell bikini top
7. Topstitch 1/8″ around the edge of the shell pieces, closing the gap you had left for turning.

step 7 shell bikini top
8. Fold your Lace/Ribbon in half. On the underside of each shell pin the Lace/Ribbon (right side down) and with a gap in between the two. For my 3 year old I had a 1/2″ gap but you could have the gap wider for an older child just try it first.

step 8 shell bikini top
9. Secure the Lace/Ribbon down by stitching the edges of the shell (where the topstitching is) and then turn the shells over and topstitch lines to create the look of a shell (as below). You could get fancy here if you like.

step 9 shell bikini top

And here is a close up of the detail…

And you’re all done! Now wasn’t that easy?! Here are a few pics of mine being worn so you
can see how fabulous it is!

I hope you have loved this tutorial as much as I loved creating it!
MUCH Love and Happy Creating
xx Mel xx

PrimaBelle Creations Follow along with more of Melinda’s sewing adventures on Instagram, Facebook or on her Blog




Makana Mermaid Skirt Pattern Pick up your copy of the Makana Mermaid Skirt as a stand alone pattern HERE or as part of Issue 16 HERE.

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How to make a reading pillow

Hi there! It’s Rachel Rossi again! If you loved the Timber! Quilt, then I’ve got a special treat for you; It’s a special little accessory to go along with your Timber! quilt that your little one is sure to love! It will take them for miles and miles of adventure without ever leaving your home: it’s a perfect little reading pillow. Complete with curious bears, singing birds, and pockets galore! This pillow not only gives you a place to lean and cozy up with your favorite book, but also a place to store your current books, pencils, bookmarks, and maybe even a few small treasures.

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Raw Edge Appliqué Tute

The Timber! quilt is perfect for anyone who loves appliqué or wants to work on their appliqué skills, be it learning or perfecting that skill. If you loved the Timber! pattern but were a little intimidated by the amount of appliqué it requires, I totally understand, but, once you see how easy it really is, you’ll be zooming your way through the pattern in no time!

Today I’ve got a raw edge appliqué tutorial for you—a full, step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve a lovely little raw edge appliqué. This is the only type of appliqué that I use in my patterns, because it is so very simple and I love the dimension and texture it adds to my quilts. If you’re an appliqué lover and want to see those patterns, be sure to check them out in my shop.

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How to measure yourself

Hello fellow friends who love to sew – I’m Suzanne from Winter Wear Designs, and I am super excited to be here today!

All right, today I want to chat with you all about one of the most important and most commonly overlooked parts of the sewing process.  And it starts before you sew a single stitch or even drool over that perfect fabric that you are about to buy.  I am talking about measuring yourself.  WAIT…. before you say, ‘boring’ and head over to another post, give me just two minutes of your time – they may change the way you view sewing for yourself forever.

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