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How to make a reading pillow

Hi there! It’s Rachel Rossi again! If you loved the Timber! Quilt, then I’ve got a special treat for you; It’s a special little accessory to go along with your Timber! quilt that your little one is sure to love! It will take them for miles and miles of adventure without ever leaving your home: it’s a perfect little reading pillow. Complete with curious bears, singing birds, and pockets galore! This pillow not only gives you a place to lean and cozy up with your favorite book, but also a place to store your current books, pencils, bookmarks, and maybe even a few small treasures.

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Raw Edge Appliqué Tute

The Timber! quilt is perfect for anyone who loves appliqué or wants to work on their appliqué skills, be it learning or perfecting that skill. If you loved the Timber! pattern but were a little intimidated by the amount of appliqué it requires, I totally understand, but, once you see how easy it really is, you’ll be zooming your way through the pattern in no time!

Today I’ve got a raw edge appliqué tutorial for you—a full, step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve a lovely little raw edge appliqué. This is the only type of appliqué that I use in my patterns, because it is so very simple and I love the dimension and texture it adds to my quilts. If you’re an appliqué lover and want to see those patterns, be sure to check them out in my shop.

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How to measure yourself

Hello fellow friends who love to sew – I’m Suzanne from Winter Wear Designs, and I am super excited to be here today!

All right, today I want to chat with you all about one of the most important and most commonly overlooked parts of the sewing process.  And it starts before you sew a single stitch or even drool over that perfect fabric that you are about to buy.  I am talking about measuring yourself.  WAIT…. before you say, ‘boring’ and head over to another post, give me just two minutes of your time – they may change the way you view sewing for yourself forever.

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How to sew a Kraft-Tex clutch

How to sew a Sakuro Clutch with Kraft-Tex

Kylie Little Moo Designs Guest Blog by Kylie from Little Moo Designs

Etched with a bohemian vibe, Little Moo Designs patterns are created for levels from beginners to intermediate.  Kylie believes a new outfit is an excuse for a new handbag, and what better way to personalise your outfit than sewing your own unique bag or clutch. Kylie contributed the Sakuro Clutch to One Thimble Issue 13.

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Rolled Hem Tutorial

How to sew a rolled hem

Have you ever wanted to sew a rolled hem ? Sheer fabrics long to be finished with a rolled hem —rolled hems are so beautiful and unobtrusive on sheer fabrics. Curved hems, too, are great candidates for a rolled hem, as you don’t have to ease in the extra hem width. Rolled hems are ideal for hemming ruffles. And of course, if you have just barely enough length for the garment, the small hem allowance of the rolled hem also makes it a winner.

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