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Roundup of my favourite photography posts

My 7 favourite photography blog posts

There is so much fabulous information on the web about photography.  But sometimes it can be confusing to know where to start.  Especially when you’re after information that will be genuinely useful for improving photos of your handmade items.  This post is a roundup of my 7 favourite photography posts, for those looking to photograph their sewn items …

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Editing your photos for sewists

Confession … I have Photoshop but I don’t use it…  I get it as part of my subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud (along with Illustrator, Indesign and Acrobat Pro which I use every day), but I still do my photo editing in PicMonkey.

Brooke from Bug and Miss does her editing in Photoshop so I’ve asked her to come along and help out with some more advanced tips for those who’ve moved beyond PicMonkey!  If you’re in that camp skip down to the end for Brooke’s tips.

Editing your photos for sewists

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Taking your DSLR off Auto

Taking your DSLR off auto

Taking your DSLR off Auto

“You spent some serious dollars getting a DSLR in the hopes of taking beautiful images of your loved ones or creations and you’re still using it on automatic? You may as well have spent that money on a fancy point and shoot! The beauty about your DSLR is you get to control it all. If you have ever wanted to take your camera off of auto and lacked the confidence now is the best time to do it. I know the settings can be a little daunting at first but I promise, once you go manual you will never go back.”

Today on the blog we’ve got Liss Brewer from Liss Brewer Photography sharing some tips for taking your DSLR off auto!  This blog post first appeared in One Thimble Issue 6.

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Where to start with Flatlays!

For businesses, bloggers and shopaholics alike, flat lay photos have become the new black.

They are just as the name describes – items that are laid flat on display, with or without complementing items. Flatlays present handmade brands a great opportunity to showcase products, as well as a great networking opportunity to connect with other businesses.

When my daughter Isla was born, my husband and I made a decision to not place photos of her on social media. So when My Little I Designs started up I had to work out how to present my pieces without the use of a model, and flat lays were the answer!

In this article I’ll share my top tips for photographing a great flatlay, which can in turn boost sales.

Today on the blog we’ve got Bel Meginley from My Little I Design helping you improve your flatlays!  This blog post first appeared in One Thimble Issue 9.

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Photoshoot Styling for sewists

Handmade Photography Tips: How to shoot Spring in Winter

Our inspired photographer and stylist, Chrystal from Poetic Light Photography, managed to shoot our ‘Watercolour Wonder Spring Issue’ in the middle of winter! While I was struggling in the Cairns version of winter (ie. turn off the fans and aircon and leave the windows open), Chrystal was letting me know of snow 20 minutes from where she was planning to shoot!

Here’s her account of how she brought this shoot together (with bonus tips for your own shoots!).

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