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Business spotlight – Who Says Sew

Hi! Today I’d like to introduce you to Miriam from Who Says Sew.  

Purchases from Who Says Sew  I got the elastic for my latest Ultimate Suit from Miriam along with a heap of other haby (zips, freezer paper, lace, needles), from Miriam and now I’m all set for my next few projects!

If you have One Thimble Issue 13 be sure to check out page 143 for some Who Says Sew discount vouchers.


Miriam from Who Says Sew

Tell me a little about your business – when did you start? What prompted you to go into business?

I started the business in June 2015 as Sew So Much Joy on etsy and eBay. I changed the biz name this year and launched my own website a few months ago. I still have my shop on the two platforms but they don’t have all the products I have on the website.

What prompted me to go into this business was the desire to establish something that I feel a strong personal connection with, and in the same time, to be able to (eventually) make a living out of. While I’m definitely still working on the second one, The first goal is easily reached.


What can people expect when they visit Who says sew?

They can definitely expect to find some unique and very useful sewing supplies that they might not be able to find elsewhere (think KAM, YKK zips, custom elastics, bag making supplies and more). They can also expect great prices, along with tiered pricing on most products to save even more money. Great customer service is also what I strive to offer, and I have a Facebook group to help strengthen ties between me and my customers, as well as between my lovely customers themselves.

Contrasting Chunky Zippers from Who Says Sew   who says sew butterfly turnlock

who says sew cotton lace COLLARS145   who says sew KAM plastic resin snaps heart

Tell me what you look for, when choosing the products you stock?  

When I choose products, I try my best to make sure they’re of good quality, are unique and that they don’t come with too high a price tag. Even better, if my products could inspire people to create and spark joy. A lot of my customers are WAHMs who run a small business themselves (just like me), so I always try to understand and cater for their needs too.

Do you craft/sew?

Yes absolutely! That’s the foundation of my business. I may not have had as much time as I’d like on sewing (it seems I’m not alone though lol), but I can’t imagine myself selling things that I wouldn’t personally use. I’ve still got many products yet to be listed on the website but I take time off doing the listings and sew for my family, friends and charity.

What’s something people might not know about you?

I’m very passionate about helping girls and women. I’ve been involved with Zonta International (Adelaide) and will become a paying member next year! Zonta is a wonderful organisation empowering girls and women around the world, many may have heard of their famous breast cushions. I’m also in the process of helping Zonta Adelaide set up an etsy shop to sell their handmade products where 100% proceeds will go to Zonta to enable more amazing projects. I’ll regularly donate my handmade items as well as a part of the profit from Who Says Sew to Zonta.


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