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Business Spotlight – Candice Rose Petal Collections

Hi! Today I’d like to introduce you to Candice from Rose Petal Collections.  I first met Candice through Lauren from Molly & Mama after the release of One Thimble Issue 8 and since then I’ve been getting all my wool felt and glitter felt from Candice!

Coco Flower Crown Flowers


I’m quite proud of how these flowers turned out!  I used the Molly and Mama Coco Flower Crown Pattern from Issue 8 and Wool Felt from Rose Petal Collections.

So without further ado – let’s chat to Candice – the lady behind Rose Petal Collections!


Candice from Rose Petal Collections

Tell me a little about your business and how you got into crafting.

My name is Candice and I’m originally from a beautiful small town in Queensland called Quilpie. It’s about 1000kms west of Brisbane. I loved my life there, small country town values and being with family. Particularly with my beautiful late Nan Delma.  I used to spend nearly all of my time with her. We always were doing something, dressing up in her old ball gowns or gardening, but most of all craft.

My goodness we did some crafting, just about everything you could think of. I guess that’s where it all started with me and I noticed it was very comforting for her and I found solace in it myself by watching her delight with all the things she created.

Not long after she passed away I found myself crafting even more than I had in the past. It comforted me knowing that I could hold onto her memory by doing something as simple as creating. Later it grew into a small business, Rose Petal Collections. I’ve met so many others who inspire me just as much as I inspire them. I named my business after myself and my daughters middle name, and mostly because I love Roses.

Now living in Chinchilla with my beautiful family I continue with my business and my crafting, sharing my things along the way. My children love it too especially my daughter which is such a delight to see.

You stock divine wool felt in the most amazing colours. Can you let me know how wool felt differs from cheaper felts?

I’m often asked what are the benefits and differences between using Wool Felts and Acrylic Felts. I think understanding how they are made is the best way to see the differences between them.  This quick and easy explanation was provided by my supplier. The 100% Merino Wool Felt I sell is the Wool Felt they’re talking about here.

Wool Felt from Rose Petal Collections

Wool felt is made from agitating wool to create a non woven fabric. The wool shaft has scales which interlock and form a fabric through felting. Because felt is nonwoven it won’t unravel and the raw edges do not need to be finished. Wool fibers also have a high concentration of fatty acids, this gives wool anti-bacterial properties this keeps wool fabric from mildewing or retaining odors. Some people worry about allergies but wool is actually hypoallergenic. And not to mention my favorite textile to use!
Now Acrylic felt is made by interlocking acrylic or acrylonitrile which is made from natural gas and petroleum, ie a type of plastic. Acrylic is not suitable for some craft projects or pieces which will be handled often because it will pill and fuzz. Acrylic also tends to be stiffer than some other felts and therefore may not layer well.

Wool felt colour selection

In my opinion if your making things used by children and infants which will most likely be handled roughly or even chewed on then using Wool felt is your best option, and did I mention my favorite

Can you give me some examples of projects you could use Wool Felt in?

Softies with felt capes Lamb softie with felt details Princess and the Pea Hair accessories made with wool felt







So far I’ve used Wool Felt in almost all of my projects including Quilts, hair accessories and most definitely soft toys.

Recently you’ve also started stocking glitter felt.  I used some of your Glitter felt to make Christmas Ornaments and it really is quite astonishing how you don’t end up covered in glitter.  Can you tell me a little more about the Glitter Felt you stock?

This Glitter felt is a High-quality glitter vinyl on my very popular 100% Merino Wool Felt. It has a textured feel, non shedding and flexible ready for a huge range of projects including applique, hair accessories, Christmas ornaments and so much more.

Glitter felt

Can you give me some examples of projects you could use Glitter Felt in?

Christmas Decoration made with glitter felt

Recently you may have seen Molly and Mama’s ultra cute Festive Felties. She used the Glitter Wool Felt in her projects and it did not disappoint. I’ve also used it in hair accessories as well as features on soft toy’s like the inner of an ear on a teddy or the heart on a belly of a softie.

Don’t forget to check out page 108 of Issue 10 for your discount voucher from Rose Petal Collections.  The discount is valid till 30th April 2016

Rose Petal Collections Logo and Motto

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