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Picture I’m so excited about Issue 3! There’s so many firsts in this issue.  It’s the first time we’ve had an international designer contributed (Laura from Ellie Inspired – check out her gorgeous Stardust dress on the cover), its the first time we’ve included a ladies pattern (Toni from Make It Perfect’s spectacular Daisy Chain dress) and its the first time we’ve had a blogger contribute a tute (Marnie from Horris & Deedle’s wonderful scrap busting tutes).

Issue 3 is absolutely full of entertaining and informative articles ranging from Becca’s article on how to incorportate runway trends into your home sewing to Kristie from Boo Designs article on how to use a Binder Foot on your sewing machine.

Be sure to check out our free sneak peek e-zine to find out more about what’s included and to see our tester photos.

Picture Picture
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One Thimble Mini Mag

Picture Today is the start of a new project . . . . the One Thimble Mini Mag.  The One Thimble Mini Mag will be a free online e-zine featuring items readers have sewn with patterns from One Thimble.  It will be published between Issues of One Thimble PDF sewing e-zine.  I’m aiming to have the first Mini Mag up next week.

If you have a picture of an item you’ve sewn with one of the One Thimble patterns that you’d like to see in the mini mag please email it through

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Blending Sizes To Customise Bodice Fit

Just like when we sew for ourselves, often our children will have measurements that put them into several size categories.  It can be tricky to know what size to make to still get a good fit.

The method I often use is to blend sizes.  This blog will give you a brief rundown on this technique, which can be used to customise bodice fit of the Bow Peep (issue 1) and Posey Dress (issue 2).

Of course please remember to make a muslin (practice go) with your blended pattern before cutting into your good stuff, as further pattern adjustments than that covered in this article may be required for your child.

The easiest way to show you how this works is with an example:

4 year old girl, 105cm tall, chest 55cm, waist 58cm.
I look on the measurement chart for my pattern and see that this child’s height is similar to the size 4, however she has a size 3 chest and a size 6 waist.  If I make her the size 6 bodice and simply cut the size 4 skirt the bodice will swim on her – the neckline will be too broad and too low and it will fit poorly everywhere else.  If I make her the size 4 bodice it will be too tight and uncomfortable at the waist.

Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture STEPS:
1. Print out & assemble the pattern.

The line for the size that corresponds to this childs height has been coloured pink in our example.

2. Mark the chest and waist points on the pattern, for the sizes your childs waist and chest measurements correspond to.

In this example our childs chest is equal to the size 3 for this pattern and her waist is equal to the size 6 for this pattern.

So we mark the size 3 at the chest (green x) and we mark the size 6 line at the waist (yellow x).

3.  We now want to move the waist point vertically so that it corresponds horizontally with the waist point that matches our childs height.  If we don’t do this the bodice may be too long or too short for our child.  If that sentence didn’t make sense don’t stress – continue reading through the example and it should come clear!

3a. Draw a vertical line on your pattern through the waist point you marked in step 2.

In this example it is the yellow line.

3b.  Draw a horizontal line across your pattern starting at the waistpoint that corresponds to their height.

In this example it is the pink line.

4.  Move the waist point you drew in step 2 along the vertical line you drew in step 3a until it intersects with the horizontal line you drew in step 3b and mark the new waist point.

In this example it is the pink x.

5. Join the new waist point you drew in step 4 to the chest point you drew in step 2 .  If the side seam is curved you will need to draw a curved line.  If the waist line is curved you will need to adjust it as well.

In this example it is the pink line.

6.  Cut out the rest of the bodice according to your child’s height.

Children grow and their shape changes so quickly that it is important to always recheck your child’s measurements and compare them to the sizing chart for the pattern you are making before blending.

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New website

Today the One Thimble website swapped over to a new platform AND now our blog posts will be even easier to access!

If you’re looking for our previous blog posts check out

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Picture This photo is of my little Kt . . . well of my little Kt a couple of years ago.  I can’t believe how much she’s grown up since it was taken.  It is so much fun watching her grow, learn, discover and become her own person.  As every parent knows parenthood isn’t all roses, but boy oh boy do I love it.  BK (before Kt) seems like a lifetime ago.  I was a different person back then – for one thing I hadn’t discovered the joy of sewing and I hadn’t learned

“What the mind can conceive and
it can achieve.”
-Napoleon Hill

Surviving parenthood (though its touch and go some days!), has given me the confidence to realise that I really can achieve amazing things if I set my mind to them.  Even if today’s amazing thing is simply surviving the school pick up!

My dream for Kt is that she will grow up feeling strong and confident and happy with who she is.  That she will believe she can achieve anything if she sets her mind to it and is prepared to work hard for her dreams.   Kt’s been needing some help with her confidence as she negotiates the bumpy road that school can be & it makes my chest feel tight seeing her struggle.  It’s so tricky being a parent and trying to prepare your kids for the big wide world and then letting go enough, to let them venture out into it!

Confidence is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. 

I want One Thimble to help people feel more confident with their sewing.  When I choose patterns and articles for One Thimble I think about whether they’ll inspire confidence in readers.  If you are confident, you can achieve amazing things, things you never believed possible.  With confidence you can chase your dreams and
“Live the life you imagine.”
– Henry David Thoreau

As you have probably figured out, I am a HUGE FAN of quotes.  I love it when I read something and it clicks in my head and clarifies the way I’ve been feeling but haven’t had the right words to express.
If you have some favourite quotes about confidence be sure to let me know – I’d love to add them to my growing list!   I really believe that confidence is the key to living a happy life.

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