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Change the Color Blocking on your Hickory & Spice Henley

Hickory & Spice Henley Pattern Hack:  Change the Color Blocking How to remove colour blocking from the Hickory and Spice Henley - pattern hack

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Bag Making made simple with Annie Zorzo

Keeping it Simple with the Linnden Tote – Guest Blog Post by Annie Zorzo

I never thought about this too much before, but it’s really quite obvious and TRUE! There is something sewing related for all of us that we are scared to attempt.  It’s not the same for everyone, and even the new sewer should feel reassured, as even the most experience sewer has something that they shy away from.  Why?  Simply because sewing particular things are outside our normal comfort zone and area of expertise.

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Interview with Annie Zorzo Patterns

Annie Zorzo from Annie Zorzo Accessories Today we’re chatting with Annie from Annie Zorzo Accessories.  I met Annie in real life at the Bag Fanatics Retreat in 2016 (talk about a ‘fan girl’ moment) and learned so much from her.

I was so excited when she pitched her Linnden Tote pattern for Issue 18 and even more excited to find out more about her!


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How to conquer sewing corners with Elles from Misusu Patterns

TUTORIAL: HOW TO CONQUER CORNERS  with guest blogger Elles from Misusu Patterns

How to Conquer corners

Apparently I have a “thing” for bold geometric shapes, sharp lines and corners. If you’re new to Misusu Patterns and just got acquainted by meeting the Origami Sweater and Dress pattern in One Thimble’s 18 issue, this might not come as a surprise. But somehow I never consciously realized those design elements tend to sneak into my designs!

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Interview with Elles from Misusu Patterns

Interview with Elles from Misusu Patterns

Elles from Misusu Patterns

Tell me a little about your business and how you got into sewing.

Hi I’m Elles, the designer and owner of Misusu Patterns. I live in The Hague, the Netherlands, with my husband Martijn, son Bing and daughter Fio. I was raised in a creative Dutch family – for as long as I can remember, there was always a sewing machine on the edge of the dinner table, piles of fabric on the ironing board, balls of bunched up sewing pattern paper surviving in corners on the floor….My mom started me off in my sewing adventures, just like here mother did before her. So I guess I was sort of brainwashed from an early age!

Before I started sewing myself in my teenage years using Burda patterns, I collaborated with my mom on different projects. I would pick out the pattern, suggest alterations and my mom would sew it up. She was always a bit ambivalent about my ideas, but somehow they always (sorta) worked out. I had no clue what I was doing, but I guess that from the very start, I had a knack for visualizing and constructing the garment I had in mind.

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