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Interview with Alana from Rosie Petal

Alana - Rosie Petal Patterns Alana is the creator behind Rosie Petal, a boutique which specialises in fun, everyday separates for girls and boys.  She has been sewing for over 20 years, and has been a regular contributor as a pattern designer and article contributor (she’s been writing our Ziplines column) to One Thimble for the past few years.


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Pattern Directory One Thimble Issue 1-13

Do you need to click through a zillion folders to remember where you saved the PDF you *need* for this Christmas custom order?  Does the idea of neatly organised PDF’s make you smile? Do you love OT but struggle to remember which issue had which pattern?  If you’ve answered YES to these questions then you’re going to love this reminder of one of our most popular blog posts … updated!


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OT13 Sneak Peek

One Thimble Issue 13 is out now!  If you’d like to look inside One Thimble Issue 13 check out this flipbook!


 You can pick up your copy HERE

New to One Thimble and wondering how it works?

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Photoshoot Styling for sewists

Handmade Photography Tips: How to shoot Spring in Winter

Our inspired photographer and stylist, Chrystal from Poetic Light Photography, managed to shoot our ‘Watercolour Wonder Spring Issue’ in the middle of winter! While I was struggling in the Cairns version of winter (ie. turn off the fans and aircon and leave the windows open), Chrystal was letting me know of snow 20 minutes from where she was planning to shoot!

Here’s her account of how she brought this shoot together (with bonus tips for your own shoots!).

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Tips for Photographing Kids

So you’ve decided to use your kids as models for your handmade clothing photoshoot . . . Only problem is when you get to the location you’ve chosen it’s like herding cats! This blog post brings together some of our best tips for photographing kids from the One Thimble Sewing Enthusiasts group!

Tips for Photographing Kids

How to get your model to play along!

Check your models mood : tips for a successful photoshoot

  • Be flexible. If your model has the grumps and you need some photos it can be very tempting to try to cajole them into letting you take the photos. Some days, (you know the days I’m talking about!!!) it’s really not worth it.
  • Work with a friend or another member of the family. If you’ve got someone else looking after your little ones mood it can be easier to concentrate on getting good pictures.
  • Make it fun. My daughter LOVES playing Simon Says when we take photos.  It never fails to get her giggling and I get great photos.
  • Miquita turns a photoshoot into a game with a few photos, then a game of chase, ‘rinse and repeat’.
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