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Photoshoot Styling for sewists

Handmade Photography Tips: How to shoot Spring in Winter

Our inspired photographer and stylist, Chrystal from Poetic Light Photography, managed to shoot our ‘Watercolour Wonder Spring Issue’ in the middle of winter! While I was struggling in the Cairns version of winter (ie. turn off the fans and aircon and leave the windows open), Chrystal was letting me know of snow 20 minutes from where she was planning to shoot!

Here’s her account of how she brought this shoot together (with bonus tips for your own shoots!).

One Thimble Issue 12 photoshoot

1. Light | The group scenes were shot in the morning after the morning fog lifted. We had streamers strung up between the trees. It was fun for the models and added cheerful spring colours to an otherwise drab winters day.

Tip: Use streamers to add colour and dimension to your shoot.

One Thimble Issue 12 Photoshoot floral inspiration

2. Colour | For Nixon’s romper shoot in the park the local florist provided some flowers to spread on the ground. They didn’t cost anything because they were last weeks and destined for the bin. Such a simple idea, but it gave the scene that instant spring feel.

Tip: Scattered flowers add colour and interest to your shoot.

Floral on floral photoshoot inspiration

3. Fabric + Accessories | Fresh + bright colours were used for this issue and synonymous with
the Spring season. Securing some bespoke custom headwear from Arch n Ollie really bought the final looks together. #floralallthethings

Tip: Network and collaborate with other businesses.  Look for win/win opportunities!
4. Colour outside the lines | Islas Archie shirt {issue 4} + bow tie combination was meant to slap you in the face a little with its boldness. Floral on floral on floral with some extra bespoke AnO floral!

Tip: Look for ways to bring unexpected combinations together to really make your outfits pop!

Mummy and me sewing in One Thimble Issue 12

5. Mummy n me | Jess + Belle our mother/daughter duo braved an icy day in the mountains to model the ladies blossom skirt + Melbourne romper. There were some flowers left over from the cover shoot, which provided a pop of colour – or in this case something for Belle to crush + destroy…
You just have to go with it! Belle had the whole cheeky, wild princess thing happening. She spent her time wrapped in a leopard skin blanket by my side helping me instruct her mum. Her personality flows through the images. We love her!
Wearable Greens provided the moss necklace Jess wears in this shoot. Since the shoot, it is regularly seen hanging from our stylist Chrystal’s neck! Definitely a shop to check out!

Tip: If you have a model with oodles of personality find a way to roll with it!

Arch n Ollie headwear completes our cover look

6. The cover | you might remember Lucy from issue 11. She was our urban jungle starlet. Bringing her back for this issue was a given. We wanted to give her a princess moment.

Chrystal loves creating floral scenes, but this scene wasn’t of her doing. Her son Joe was the creator here, he spent quite a lot of time pushing flowers into the greenery and spreading fallen leaves on the ground under the swing for extra colour.

Petal and Pop lollipops were another brilliant discovery for the spring issue… and quite a good bribe for the models too.

Tip: Get your kids involved with setting the scene for the shoot.

To see more of the images from this shoot be sure to check out the One Thimble Issue 12 sneak peek -> HERE

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