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Behind the scenes One Thimble Issue 13

pastel pop mood board

A little behind the scenes look at One Thimble Issue 13 …

There comes a time in every sewing Mum’s life when you have a conversation with your kid that goes something like this …

Kid: *sigh* I wish I had my style of clothes?
Mum: What is your style?
Kid: Store brought
Mum:  No problem.  We can go check out the shops, see what’s in fashion, and then I’ll find some patterns to sew you up some new clothes.
Kid: *rolling eyes* No. Store brought.  As in, go to the store and buy the clothes.  Like all the other kids.
Mum: *deflated*

I had this conversation with Kt a few years ago and feared my days of sewing for her were over.  But then a few days later she was asking me to sew a Bonfire Jacket for one of her friends birthdays.  We’ve reached an arrangement whereby I can sew for her (& her friends – who are far more into my sewing than she is) … but only if what I’m sewing, passes her fashion radar!

When she introduced me to the Pop Asia music show on SBS back in 2015 I felt like I’d hit the jackpot.  So much colour! So many fun shapes! So much clashy goodness! So much inspo for Issue 13.

Pastel Pop mood board 2

It’s almost time for Issue 14 to be released, but I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to pastel pop yet!  This blog post shares some behind the scenes details of Issue 13 that I hope inspires you to bring some pastel pop into your wardrobe this Summer!

Chrystal, our marvellous photographer and stylist had a mammoth 5 photoshoots for this issue!

Unicorn photoshoot One Thimble Issue 13

First up we had the Unicorn Photoshoot! This shoot featured the BOO! Designs Ultimate Suit and the Cut, Sew Love Kawaii Applique.

Confession: I loved this unicorn pool toy so much that after the shoot Chrystal shipped it up to me in Cairns!

crazy fun kids photoshoot one thimble issue 13

This next shoot became affectionately known as the “Crazy Shoot”.  This shoot had everything … pinatas, balloons, umbrellas, confetti bombs, skateboards.  And of course the One Romper by Filles a Maman, Kawaii Felt Charms and Kawaii Felt Bags by Felt with Love Designs and the Orbis Skinny Harems by Sofilantjes!

Confession:  I wish I’d been at this photoshoot – it looks like it was a total blast! 

Pastel Pop Photoshoot One Thimble Issue 13

This confetti shoot was all about the little details … the contrast colour pops between the pleats of the Raglan Party Dress by Designs by Call Ajaire and accessories to match.

Confession:  I loved this fabric so much that I kept some of it to make a dress for me!

Glitz photoshoot One Thimble Issue 13

The glitz photoshoot brought the pastel colours in in a more subtle way … our model had pink hair and accessories!  This shoot was for the Peg Shorts by Tadah Patterns.

Confessions: I’ve always dreamed of having a crazy haircolour! The closest I’ve ever gotten to crazy hair is when I dyed my hair to match a hairpiece for a role in a show at our local theatre!

Cafe Photoshoot One Thimble Issue 13

The final photoshoot was the Cafe Shoot with the Little Moo Designs Sakuro Clutch.  It turned into a girls coffee date with a few pictures!

Confession:  I like to take any opportunity to re-feature past patterns.  The Brook Blossom Skirt by Orange Daisy Patterns was the perfect skirt for our model to wear to this shoot!

Want a look inside Issue 13?  Check out this blog post for the flipbook and more info on how One Thimble works -> SHOW ME INSIDE OT13!

One Thimble Issue 13 cover


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