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Ajaire underskirt pattern hack for the Raglan Party Dress

I’m Ajaire from Designs by Call Ajaire and I’m excited to share with you a free underskirt add-on for the Raglan Party Dress from One Thimble Issue 13!

The underskirt is attached to the bodice lining and the rest of the dress is exactly the same as in the main pattern so it’s a perfect supplement for the upcoming holidays.  Add in a bit of tulle to the bottom of the underskirt and it takes this sporty dress up a notch and turns it into the perfect party dress.

The underskirt gives the dress just enough of a lift to make it special.  My girl immediately said she felt like a princess when she tried it on.  If you want to add even more tulle to the underskirt portion that’s an option to really amp up the volume as well.

The rest of the dress stays the same with that gorgeous ‘v’ shape in the front and center back.  The slight poof from the underskirt really helps to make the inverted pleats stand out.

Isn’t this a fantastic holiday dress?  This free add-on assumes that you already own the Raglan Party Dress pattern and it’s required for access to the main pattern pieces and tutorial.  You can find the pattern in Issue 13 or as a stand alone pattern here.  You can download the free add-on with pattern pieces and full tutorial for the underskirt from my free downloads page.  I can’t wait to see what you make!

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