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One Thimble is a digital sewing magazine (e-zine) marketed for home sewing enthusiasts and those with handmade businesses. Advertisements should be for products & services of interest to this audience e.g. fabric stores, graphic designers, blog authors, business coaches, pattern designers or handmade items.

If you provide services or products to sewists then advertising in One Thimble can help put your products right in front of your target market when they’re planning their next project.

Those who love making handmade products generally love owning and giving handmade products too. They don’t always have the time or skills to make all the things they love. Advertising in One Thimble exposes your products to an audience who understands the value handmade.

We offer complimentary advertising to contributors to a particular edition. We also offer discounted advertising to those who book early or who are booking advertisements in multiple issues.

If you would like to obtain a copy of our Media Kit or have further questions about advertising in One Thimble please email us at or use our contact form below.

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