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A Stardust Bonus

I was speaking to a friend recently about hemming tricks and hem guides and I realised that some people may not have noticed this little bonus that Laura from Ellie Inspired included with her Stardust pattern in Issue 3 or known what to do with it.  So here’s a super quick guide to using a hem guide.

1. Print out the hem guide on card stock.
2. Cut along the outside solid lines.
3. Lay your garment with the wrong side facing up.
4. Put the hem guide on top.
5. Fold the garment over the top until the edge matches the appropriate hem guide line.
6. Iron.
7. Stitch your hem as normal.



If you love this idea but you prefer to use a different hem depth never fear, you can make your own hem guide for different hem lengths by ruling lines on a piece of card stock.

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