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A Refashion Primer

Today’s blog guest is Irene from Serger Pepper.  She’s sharing with us a beginners guide to the Refashion Movement! On Wednesday we’ll have an interview with Irene and then on Friday she’ll be back sharing with us a Refashioned version of the One Cardigan!

If you love to sew (and, if you’re reading this, you probably do!), you know how costly this “hobby” can be: you start with a trip to the fabric store “just to grab that half a metre of fabric I need to finish my project” and you come out with a ton of cuts labelled “for sale” or “by weight” that you *REALLY* couldn’t leave there, real bargains… and a much lighter wallet (sometimes without even finding the original half metre you were searching for…). Let alone all those trims, and pom-pom, ric-racs, too-cute-buttons…. oooh! I can’t leave this shop without a handful of lacey exposed zippers! (I know you can figure it out!) Now: do we really need that? Short answer is no. Really? I *NEED* to sew cute things! But hubby is right: we can’t afford a fabric shop bill higher than the groceries one! We must do something!

Enter: Refashion!

When you have a tight budget, like me, you start looking at things from a different perspective, if you still want to be able to do what you really love: sewing. Serger Pepper - A Refashion Primer You start looking at different fabric sources and you think that, maybe, even haberdashery items can be found elsewhere than that cuuute shop right down the street. Ok, but where?

First place to look into is your closet

If you are like me, you are actually wearing half (who am I kidding? More likely 1/4) of your garments.The other ones are

  • too short
  • too long
  • too wide
  • the right colour but the wrong shape
  • the right shape but an awful print
  • … I think you get it!

Ask relatives and friends

See above! Their closets will certainly contain the same amount of “wrong” and unused clothes… Do raid them!

Thrifty shops / garage sales

Another great source for great pieces you can re-use. You can usually get vintage fabrics there, but also curtains, bed sheets and table-clothes, usually hidden because “no one really wants them!”… you’ll get them for a fraction of their original cost 😉 But, if you want to go one step further, you may want to “shop” your thrifty clothes not only for their fabric, but for details too. Let me elaborate, before you think I’m crazy: if you find an awesome XXL coat, full of wonderful buttons, and/or zippers and, maybe, a colourful lining and a warm underlining… wouldn’t you think you won the thrifty-shop lottery? Or maybe you spot a threadbare bag, with holes in the pockets, but still with perfect leather handles and completely un-damaged hardware… can you spot the deal? Grab the seam ripper! Sometimes you can find a huge jersey maxi-dress, with the fullest skirt you’ve ever seen: would you wear it? Probably not! Would you rip it and reuse all that hem? I know I would do that right now! There’s nothing like jersey already hemmed! You know: every little detail can save yourself some work, your wallet some money and Mother Earth some trash… it all helps 😉

Since I’m a great fan of the refashion movement, I’d love to share with you some of my favorite creations refashions, all blogged at Serger Pepper:

Serger Pepper - Posh Beach Robe - FREE pattern in 6 sizes serger-pepper-FREE-pattern-tutorial-Mod-Dress-DIY Serger Pepper - Refashion Tutorial - Bubble Romper - Title Serger-Pepper-Black-Cat-Hat-sewing-FREE-pattern (29) Lovely Panties

If you are Pinterest addicted appreciate Pinterest like me, you may want to pin with us at the “Refashion Obsession Mood Board”.

That’s it for today, see you later this week, when I will share with you a refashioned version of the OneCardigan!

Hugs from Italy, Irene Serger Pepper



3 Comments to “A Refashion Primer”

  1. Cucicucicoo 09/03/2015 at 1:44 pm

    Great primer, Irene! That’s a great tip for beginning refashioners, to look beyond the item itself to find hidden fabric yardage and salvageable parts! 🙂 Lisa

    • Irene 10/03/2015 at 2:48 am

      Thanks Lisa!
      I have a thing for little details, sometimes the whole garment is so and so but it has some good parts I know I will love to add to a new garment!

  2. agy 17/03/2015 at 8:36 pm

    Great post, Irene. Extremely useful tips, especially when it comes to where to start….always the wardrobe!


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