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A Bow Peep Variation

I do love making the Bow Peep dress as per the pattern but every now and then a customers fabric choices mean a variation is called for.


For this dress my friend wanted to use a stripey fabric for the sash.  One of the main features of the Bow Peep dress is the loops at the front that the sash threads through, but for this dress it wasn’t really necessary as the fabric choice gave that effect anyway.
We decided to sew the sash into the side-seams so that it was no longer removable as well.

Steps to make the sash of your Bow Peep dress internal.

To make a dress like this you’ll need to make a couple of small changes to your Bow Peep pattern/tutorial:
1. You won’t need the loops for the front or to cut the front sash panel pieces.
2. Skip step 2, 3, 4
3.  After step 7.  Do step 49-52.
4. Then gather the sashes to match the width of the bottom of the front bodice panel (it’ll be about 1-2″ or 3-5cm wide depending on the size you’re making).
5.  Baste the sashes to the side seam.
6.  Continue with step 8-48
7. Skip step 49-59
8.  Complete step 60 – 63

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