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How we plan on surviving COVID-19

It has the entire world on the edge of our seats. As we all start to prepare for our Easter holidays, there are more and more people talking about the very real possibility of them being extended by a minimum of an extra two weeks. COVID-19 has to be the subject that is most talked about this year. Panic buying has started and it has been nothing short of shocking to see shelf after shelf completely void of products. I myself was quite relaxed about it all until our own toilet paper supply started to dwindle! Once that necessity was taken care of I started to plan for the possibility of 4-6 weeks at home with my 3 children.

Easter for us is always filled with camping trips, craft mornings and of course chocolate! Extending this theme for another few weeks seemed to me to be the easiest way to cope with any sudden lock down that we need to endure. Our chocolate requirements were met and I have stashed it all away until Easter Sunday which then encouraged me to start thinking about the craft side of things. I wanted to have a list of projects that my kids and I could complete together. Instead of keeping it to myself, I thought that I could share it with you all just in case.

Going through all of the back issues of One Thimble, I have compiled the following list of projects that would suit beginners and that would also appeal to children.

Issue 4- Easy Softie Patterns

Emkie Designs Monsters

Issue 8- Cosmos Purse

Issue 9- Good Fortune Headwrap

Issue 10- Adventure Flags

Issue 11- Roly Poly Critters, Felts 3D Puzzle Animals, Freezer Paper Stencils

Roly Poly Critters options

Issue 12- Darling Daisy Girls Bag

Issue13- Kawaii Felt Charms, Kawaii Felt Purse

Issue 14- Wild Things Hottie Cover

wild things hottie cover liberty kitty

Issue 15- Hipster Teddy Bear

Issue 17- Fruit and Veg bags, Taco Time Applique, Fabric Wrap Bracelet, Miss Blossom Bunny Bag

Issue 18- Moonface Cushions

Issue 19- Traffic Cushions, Felt Activity Board, Fancy Scrunchies

Wool Felt Activity Board by My Felt Lady

I am sure that there are many more ideas and projects that I have not included- let me know if there is one that you feel deserves to be mentioned!

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