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Taking your DSLR off Auto

Taking your DSLR off auto

Taking your DSLR off Auto

“You spent some serious dollars getting a DSLR in the hopes of taking beautiful images of your loved ones or creations and you’re still using it on automatic? You may as well have spent that money on a fancy point and shoot! The beauty about your DSLR is you get to control it all. If you have ever wanted to take your camera off of auto and lacked the confidence now is the best time to do it. I know the settings can be a little daunting at first but I promise, once you go manual you will never go back.”

Today on the blog we’ve got Liss Brewer from Liss Brewer Photography sharing some tips for taking your DSLR off auto!  This blog post first appeared in One Thimble Issue 6.

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