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Where to start with Flatlays!

For businesses, bloggers and shopaholics alike, flat lay photos have become the new black.

They are just as the name describes – items that are laid flat on display, with or without complementing items. Flatlays present handmade brands a great opportunity to showcase products, as well as a great networking opportunity to connect with other businesses.

When my daughter Isla was born, my husband and I made a decision to not place photos of her on social media. So when My Little I Designs started up I had to work out how to present my pieces without the use of a model, and flat lays were the answer!

In this article I’ll share my top tips for photographing a great flatlay, which can in turn boost sales.

Today on the blog we’ve got Bel Meginley from My Little I Design helping you improve your flatlays!  This blog post first appeared in One Thimble Issue 9.

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Lost boys themed photoshoot

Do you ever look at photos on social media and wonder about the stories behind them?  
Cathie and Cindy from Sew Darn Ezy pulled together the most amazing “Lost Boys from Peter Pan” photoshoot for their One Thimble Issue 14 sews.  
Every time they shared an image a little more of the story came together.  I was so pleased when Cathie agreed to share a run down of this shoot!  Read on and be inspired by their story.

Behind the scenes of the sew darn ezy photoshoot

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Interview with Kristie from BOO! Designs

Kristie Gilbert BOO!Designs Kristie is the designer behind BOO! Designs. What started as a little hobby in the evenings has now become a thriving full-time business. Kristie designs out of her home studio in Brisbane and has an
online store selling modern sewing products which compliment her patterns. She works alongside Grandpa BOO! to pack and ship orders.

Kristie has been a 3 time contributor to One Thimble! In Issue 4 she brought us the Firefly Dress, in Issue 9 the Cross Bow Dress and in Issue 13 the Ultimate Suit!

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How to add pocket flaps to your Thyme Vest

Adding Pockets to your Thyme Vest
The Thyme Vest is an anorak style vest for boys or girls.  This pattern hack will show you how to give your Thyme Vest a new look by adding pocket flaps.
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OT14 Sneak Peek

One Thimble Issue 14 is out now!  This flipbook will show you what’s included …

You can pick up your copy -> HERE

New to One Thimble and wondering how it works?

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