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Photo Fortnight

You know that feeling when you’ve sewn something AMAZING, but when you share a photo of it with your bestie, or in a group or use it for your handmade business’s social media, nobody is as smitten as you are.  The frustrating thing is you KNOW that if they could see it in real life, they’d be excited too.

Over the next fortnight I’m going to be sharing tips, tricks, blog posts and links to help your photos live up to your sewing!!!!

Photo Fortnight - let's start at the beginning


Here’s a run down on what we’ll be covering.  I’ll update with links as the posts go live!


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How to sew the Brook Blossom Skirt with a subtle high-low hem

Subtle High Low Hem Pattern Hack for the Brook Blossom Skirt

Want yet another hemline for the Brook Blossom Skirt for you and your girls? Anya, who blogs
over at Anna Zoe and was one of my wonderful pattern testers, came up with this beautiful pattern hack—the Subtle High-Low Hem. She explains here how she made the change. I’m going to explain another way to do it.

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Rolled Hem Tutorial

How to sew a rolled hem

Have you ever wanted to sew a rolled hem ? Sheer fabrics long to be finished with a rolled hem —rolled hems are so beautiful and unobtrusive on sheer fabrics. Curved hems, too, are great candidates for a rolled hem, as you don’t have to ease in the extra hem width. Rolled hems are ideal for hemming ruffles. And of course, if you have just barely enough length for the garment, the small hem allowance of the rolled hem also makes it a winner.

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