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Flat Front Cozumel Shirt Pattern Hack

Hello all you One Thimble fans, I am super excited to be here today with you all.  I’m Suzanne of Winter Wear Designs, and I’ve got a fun and easy hack for the Cozumel that will make it even more versatile in your kiddo’s wardrobes.

This wasn’t the hack that I originally thought I was going to write for you all today, but after a few comments from fellow seamstresses about sons who weren’t huge pintuck fans, or having fears of tackling pintucks, or having fabrics that got lost or distorted in the pintucks; I knew that this was the perfect first tutorial for the Cozumel.  Today I am going to show you how to get rid of the pin ticks and make a flat front Cozumel.  I’ll show you how to make two back options as well, one with a center pleat and one flat back.  And the options just keep coming!!!!


All righty, here’s what you need for this hack:


  • The Front Pattern Piece
  • The Back Shirt Pattern Piece
  • Marking Tool
  • Ruler/Straight Edge
  • Take your Front pattern piece and make a mark at the first pleat marking (closest to the neck opening).
  • Measure from that point 1.5 inches across the shoulder and make another mark.
  • Repeat at the bottom of the shirt.
  • Connect the lines top and bottom.
  • Fold the pattern together so that the lines meet up, pleating out the excess pattern.
  • Use a piece of tape to hold the pattern together.( you can take the tape off later to cut a pintuck version).
  • Take your back pattern piece, measure 1 inch in from center for the pleated back, or 2  inches in from center for the flat back option.


  • Draw a line straight down and line the fold of your fabric up on that line to cut the back.
  • Cut the remainder of your pieces and assemble according to the instructions skipping the pintuck section.
  • *for the back pleat: fold wrong sides together and sew one inch in from the fold 1 inch down.  Press the center of the fold toward the seam to make a box pleat and baste in place.


That’s it – now you’ve got a flat front Cozumel to mix in with your pintuck ones.  What I love about this hack is that is allowed me to use this great print from Hawthorne Threads that would have gotten lost a bit in the pintucks – WOHOOO!

My Boy heads off to his first day of Kindergarten on Tuesday, he’s sweet and silly, and I know he will fly into this next adventure.  So keep sewing for those boys where and when you can!


Cozumel Stand Alone Cover You can purchase the pattern for the Cozumel Shirt as a single PDF HERE or purchase Issue 12 that contains this pattern HERE.


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OT12 Sneak Peek

Not long now till you can get your hands on One Thimble Issue 12.  If you’d like to look inside One Thimble Issue 12 check out this flipbook!

New to One Thimble and wondering how it works?

One Thimble is a digital sewing magazine (e-zine).  It is delivered as a PDF file and you can flip through it like a magazine on your computer or tablet device.  Patterns can be printed out on a regular home computer and assembled as you would with a regular PDF pattern.

Purchasing an issue of One Thimble will get you two download links.

One is the link to the E-zine – it has the articles at the front and all the patterns at the back (but not the pattern pieces).

The second link is to a ZIP file with the stand alone patterns all separate.  You’ll find the pattern pieces here.

If you have any other questions just send me through an email to

One Thimble Issue 12

Keen to get your copy?

One Thimble Issue 12 will be available to purchase HERE after 12th August.

If you’d like to get your copy the day before you can purchase a subscription from HERE.  Subscribers get their copy the day before everyone else!

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