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Pattern Enhancement: Everest Pants Pattern by Gracious Threads

Today we have a very special guest on the blog – Stacey who blogs at From-a-box.  She tested the  Everest Pants and joined us on the One Thimble Issue 7 blog tour.  I was so impressed with her version of the Everest Pants that I asked her to join us and walk us through how she added the extra pockets!

{Pattern Enhancement: Everest Pants Pattern by Gracious Threads} Add Pockets to Everest Pants

Need more pockets on your Everest Pants? Want your pockets to fasten closed? Make them into cargo pants!

The Everest Pants is a PDF Pattern designed by Jess at Gracious Threads. The fully lined pants can be made in all kinds of fabrics. Make athletic pants with a mesh lining, snow pants from water proof nylon, and casual pants from twill or corduroy. HERE I stitched up a pants in khaki twill fabric, and HERE I stitched up pants in camouflage board short fabric enhanced with side pockets! The pants are already super stylish with pockets, paneled front legs, articulated knees, and detailed top-stitching. And to make them even more awesome, here is how you can add side pockets for a cargo style.


Everest Pants PDF Pattern from Gracious Threads

Fabric, enough for 2 more pockets

4 – 3/4″x1” squares sew-on hook & loop tape (Velcro or any brand) Add Pockets to Everest Pants

1 – Cut out side pocket pieces

Cut 2 pockets for the sides using pattern piece #8.

Finish the side pockets following the instructions for the back pockets.

Now you have 4 finished pocket pieces – 2 for the back pockets and 2 for the side pockets.

2 – Add hook & loop closures to pocket pieces Add Pockets to Everest Pants

On the wrong side of the back pocket, mark the center and down 3/8” on each back pocket piece. Place the rough side of the hook & loop square on the mark. Stitch close to the edges around the 4 sides of the hook & loop square.

Repeat for each of the other pocket pieces.

3 – Add hook & loop closures for back pockets Add Pockets to Everest Pants

Before Step 10…..

Mark the center and down 3/8” from the marking found on pattern piece #2 (back). Place the smooth side of the hook & loop square centered on the mark. Stitch close to the edges around the 4 sides of the hook & loop square.

Repeat for the other back pocket.

4 – Add hook & loop closures for sides of pants Add Pockets to Everest Pants


After Step 12…..

Find the location for the side pocket. You want the side pocket to be centered vertically between the bottom of the front pocket and the first dart, and centered horizontally on the center of the side seam. Mark the outside edges of the side pocket on the pants. Then mark from the side seam center down 3/8”. Place the smooth side of the hook & loop square centered on the mark. Stitch close to the edges around the 4 sides of the hook & loop square.

Repeat for the other side pocket.

5 – Attach the pockets

Following the same method as the back pockets, stitch the side pockets.

The hook & loop closures should align.

Now you have side pockets and your pockets stay closed, making these Everest Pants cargo-style! Add Pockets to Everest Pants Add Pockets to Everest Pants


If you would like to see more of my stitched up goodies, visit me at From-a-Box where I blog about the clothes, bags, and some home decor made for my family and friends. There is also some cooking, and occasional family adventures. Hope you enjoy and find some inspiration!

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Free Downloadable Pattern Directory

Last week I saw a thread on facebook where people were talking about the troubles they had keeping their PDF patterns straight.  I was nodding along, when suddenly it occurred to me that I had the perfect contact to help me solve this problem – Nerissa from Spreadsheek Geek.

Nerissa has written articles on “Excelling at your bookwork” for Issue 6 and Issue 7 of One Thimble.  I just love how she’s got a way of making Excel make sense!

Downloadable Free PDF Pattern Directory

Nerissa took this challenge and has come up with two spreadsheets which you can download for FREE, fill out and use to help make keeping your PDF patterns in order a total breeze!

Version One – DOWNLOAD IT HERE  -> Pattern Directory – Full Version

PC / full version

  • This version contains macros (the autosort buttons).  The macros will work in excel.
  • They won’t work on ipads & tablets & possibly some free spreadsheets.  But if you find the macros/spreadsheet isn’t working, you can still use the ipad/light version (see version two below).
  • The first sheet has some instructions so you can learn how to use the features.
  • On the second sheet you can enter your pattern details (it comes preloaded with the patterns from Issue 7 so you can have a play right away.)
  • Once you’ve entered in the details for your patterns you’ll be able to sort your patterns by pattern name, designer, type (eg dress, shirt, shorts etc), size range and wearer (baby, boy, girl, womens etc). 
  • There’s also a column where you can add in extra data that you like to have at a glance.
  • You can then add hyperlinks so clicking will take you directly to where you’ve saved that pattern on your computer.
  • You can also add hyperlinks direct to the designers website so you can check out their latest offerings!

Version Two – DOWNLOAD IT HERE -> Pattern Directory – light version

Ipad / light version

  • If anyone has issues with the above, they will be able to use this one with no issues.
  • It doesn’t have the macros so you can’t sort the patterns or add hyperlinks, but its a handy place to keep track of what patterns you have!

I hope you find these spreadsheets to be a game changer!  Let me know what you think below or in the One Thimble Sewing Enthusiasts group on facebook!

And don’t forget if you purchase an issue of One Thimble Digital Sewing Magazine you can request to have access to the patterns from that issue separately as well as as part of the issue e-zine!

Just send me an email to letting me know you’d like the patterns separate.  So that I can help you, make sure to let me know your account name on this new website (so I can add your single PDF’s to your account – they’re free to set up), what issue you’d like the patterns separate for, and proof of purchase (if you don’t have your receipt number let me know the email address it would’ve been purchased under and the approximate date of purchase and I can look it up for you).

Happy Sewing


(ps Nerissa has written us another blog post explaining how to add extra sortable columns to your spreadsheet.  You can find that post HERE )

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